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He already has before (SEA Challengers Finals Stage 2). Both matches were extremely close (2-1, with overtime games). The Thai teams won, sure, but f0rsakeN isn't overrated in SEA. I think he is much better than Patiphan.

posted 5 days ago

yes, he is xccurate's younger brother

posted 6 days ago

Expected from someone called "sheesh_gamer"

posted 2 weeks ago

There was a problem with the Valorant network yesterday. A few players couldn’t even get past launch screen.

posted 1 month ago

It's May. The next VCT stage starts in early July, they have some time to prepare and try out different roles so it doesn't matter that they have 3 duelist players rn...

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posted 2 months ago

2-1 Vision Strikers, with one overtime.

posted 2 months ago

Four APAC Top 10 ranked leaderboard players in this match

posted 3 months ago