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This is quire different.

  1. In esports it isn’t really the org that does the playing. The rules are clear that if a team changes more than 3 players, they will lose their points since it wasn’t really the team that got the points since they no longer have their core.
  2. Heretics made this change knowing that they will lose points and they aren’t the first team in esports to do so.
  3. This has been the standard for literally every esport. It has been since the start of esports and it will probably never change.
  4. If I were a player in a top team playing for an org and we got points for the org, but the org suddenly kicked over 3 players and added and other player who didn’t even get any points to go play champions in the first place and now they get to go because of my points, I’d be mad as fuck. This rule is to prevent that.
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