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toronto is sooo fuckingg badddd worst jett i have ever seen

posted 12 hours ago

toronto is so fucking bad 0 impact the game

posted 5 days ago

deffo can be the worst jett in tournament

posted 4 weeks ago

retard riot 0 enjoy to watch wtf this slots

posted 1 month ago

we saw it when they had xDDDD

posted 1 month ago

this team is just so bad no future

posted 1 month ago

ec1s is soooo fuckinggg retardd nip lost this cuz of just this retard

posted 2 months ago

wtf is keloqz doing xD worst jett player i have ever seen

posted 3 months ago

4 guy pushing mid first round xD nice tactic

posted 3 months ago

bbl is sooooo retarddddddddddddd

posted 3 months ago

bll is overrated not gonna easy match i think

posted 6 months ago

dapr and zombs are so fucking bad

posted 7 months ago

no stream xD valorant is shit on tournaments

posted 8 months ago

rip valorant

posted 9 months ago

They will kick hiko soon useless player

posted 11 months ago

They talked shit about him when he left thats the why cNed revenge

posted about a year ago

sterben and turko so good

posted about a year ago