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He is whatever he wants and he is good at both , best vrl spain coach , i see u cant stand that he works on his image and gets good results so u have to come here to say that , as i said , stop crying

posted 6 days ago

He is on dark ratio , he makes fun of everything lmao , better be a coach with attitude and blood in veins than ur NA coaches , that are just sat in a chair and no more , no memes in matches , nothing , just sentinels being not a good team in terms of gameplay but being the most known because they have 5 known players and a good org making fun and memes of everything , thats how u make this game worth to see , stop crying xd

posted 6 days ago

Keep the grind , you always have posibilities

posted 1 week ago

I think one individual cant have the absolute truth but you're seeing that a lot of people are giving u the same advice in their own ways so i thing the thing u should do its clear, the last decision is yours , good luck and take care

posted 2 months ago

Sage= Sheydos
Breach = Stax

posted 3 months ago