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130-45 in prev match-ups but now they can win a map :)

posted 1 month ago

how they can with high ping? (I mean when they are in Saudi Arabia)

posted 2 months ago

This is not racism. You perceive everything said against you as racism. I mean, the Angry Titans are a DACH team and they can practice against the best teams in Europe and even the world. It is quite normal to expect them to have improved themselves more. Arabian and Middle East teams cannot play prac against good teams due to high pings. That's why I found it funny that the Arab team beat a European team so easily.

posted 2 months ago

they are literally losing to arabians hahahaha

posted 2 months ago

Isn't Galatasaray hard favorite in this match? 1xbet gives 2.6 odds to Galatasaray. Is there a stand-in or?

posted 8 months ago