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He was supposed to be eligible to play again after those six months, then it came out that he never actually completed the conduct training that riot ordered before he returned. Riot then announced he would have to actually complete that training before returning and we haven’t gotten an update since. This was about two months ago

posted 1 month ago

The valorant community could honestly care less about csgo, but csgo old heads and that general community can’t seem to keep Valorant out of their mouth. Pretty insecure of them tbh

posted 1 month ago

can't feel bad about that sentiment. It's going to be a gg

posted 10 months ago

If 100T won bind, it’s a potential game five on icebox and that would have been interesting. Either way, gg’s to Sen. Excited to finally see 100T on lan against some international teams to see where they stack up!

posted 11 months ago