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Frostmind no.1 player before he leave AE now rise again

posted 2 weeks ago

udh wajar kali team underperform. banyak banget karbitan, dlu di puji'' skrg underperform dikit di entot-entot ama netizen indo

posted 2 months ago

GE fans before facing PRX : Skrossi gonna stomp prx, ez for GE + spamming all LCQ live chat
GE fans after facing PRX : Why so toxic ? this is our first international tournament
GE fans after PRX lost to NTH : HAHAHAHAHAHAHA EZZ

posted 3 months ago

Best known for spamming skrossi all over the world when he play like gold

posted 3 months ago

TF is this no strat just rush all the way

posted 3 months ago

SMB r gonna lose if they keep playing like that

posted 4 months ago