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Aye I suspected that too... I remember him with a Canadian flag... though he is puzzling now

posted 1 day ago

Ohh sheeesh... you're not fun at all, you know... Speaking of trying to help here and make your bait correct, yet you're still being thick headed like your common... :facepalm:

The term "diff" - difference (differs, differential etc,) ... If there is a difference, then there is always a remainder in subtracting TenZ from a sum of Derke and cNed... But you claim there is "no diff" meaning their sum (cNed and derke) is equal to TenZ. Hence, TenZ = cNed + derke... no remainder here = no diff ---> you contradict yourself.

Kiddo, all you had to do is to say that the diff is huge/massive, implying that both derke and cNed are no match to TenZ as the massive diff shows the gap in their skill compared to TenZ's, and that they're simply not up to the task vs. him. But instead you kept going down the forehead notches, reaching your -1Head score - extremely close estimation of your intellectual capacity.

Just give up already! You can't even bait properly...🤦‍♂️...

posted 1 day ago

We both know precisely what I'm talking about... it's just that one of us refuses to admit it 😉 ... hmm... I wonder why is that.

posted 2 days ago

Revlon, if your statement is implying that there is no diff then there should be a symbol "=" ... and not ">" ... hence equation.

But there is no solution to your inequality in the way you presented it... which means it is incorrect or simply put - your statement is wrong, my kiddo!

You are dissmised or ख़ारिज or whatever now!

posted 2 days ago


Cheers! 🍻

posted 2 days ago

This forum is the best for nicely moderated and somewhat chill discussions about Valorant... though you may not always get the correct and supported answers, the beauty of this forum is that you are still allowed to express your own opinions on the matter (to some allowable extent of course,) compared to that stringent GIGAcatholic boys/girls schoollike r/valorantcompetitive.

And don't even get me started on certain people's entitlement on r/valorantcompetitive or Reddit in general. Given, I have a lot of karma on Reddit, I still find that place to be rubbish.

Besides, thespikeGG and rigGG are both kind of dead... however some innovative upgrades to their analytics tab, such as "2D Replay"... and so on, would be nice to see here.

Edit: Mentioned "2D Replay" as a really POG feature ... helps a lot when analysing some plays.

posted 2 days ago

Without a doubt!!!!! I see you heard of Wilson already... atta boiiii.

Wilson the ball can't wait to meet you on that "Cast Away" island, which is exactly where your FedEx flight is heading.

Sure you both will find plenty to talk or clown about ... i.e. you could tell him about your humongous post count on here and how proud you are of such accomplishment in your life, as well as your most intimate and wettest dreams about C9 - rest assured, Wilson can keep a secret or two 😉

posted 2 days ago

Don't mind those cringe brainDEADs ... don't distract them from their important mission on this site - their post count... so typical amongst certain user on here ;)

posted 2 days ago

Ladies and gent ... may I present you ...

C9 and their own, hand CLOWN - Qwerty 🤡 in the house!

The airport is so near, Qwerty, that you can hear the planes flying 🛫🤣...

cough... cough.... but don't get your hopes up... you'll be sent through FedEx instead, nicely packed in a fairly tight container LMAO

posted 2 days ago

Suzu Sasaki ...

posted 2 days ago

IMHO - perfectly fine as he's of Moroccan heritage.

posted 2 days ago

Certainly... but to add that though today's matches are not officials, Vitality might and should play better as a team... they urgently need to tighten that up as seeing Molsi hard carry like that is just awful... Hope they'll adjust on this soner or later <3

posted 2 days ago

It's not a throw but still in an early stage, in a way...
Though I'm a bit surprised you don't mention specific agents because having four absolutely brilliant Raze mains in your team and a player who can also play Raze excellently - hoody, puts you in a very difficult situation as a coach.... the same could be said about their other agent roles that also clash between the players... something Giants need to figure out, eventually.

posted 3 days ago

Maybe better at not causing those GIGA-ASS GLOBAL FINANCIAL BUBLES/CRISES that wreak havoc on everyone on the planet? +Many many many more crap ... enough said ;)

BTW, how would you know... too entitled? Hmmm....

posted 4 days ago

Simply use the ">" - arrow symbol without the quotations before writings... the more arrows you use, the more section inside sections you get.

Example of three arrow symbols (>>>)

posted 5 days ago

This ain't gonna end well!

posted 5 days ago

Nu kapara, why so toxic all the time?

posted 5 days ago

You're welcome, btw....

P.S. --------->>>>> Shout out to both Valorant VODS and Valorant PRO ... thank you very much for your work - you are legends!

posted 5 days ago

No, no, no... you got it all WRONG!

What @yourrr meant in #15 that is if you compared this Berlin's Champions to Istanbul's, you'd instantly find that Istanbul had the lowest HS% of 15%, while present Berlin had the lowest of 19%. Surprise? No, even though Istanbul's Champions has managed to top the HS% at 40%, the Berlin's top HS % remains 37%.

However, by looking at a nice portion of Berlin's participants, we can easily see that many of them are on par in HS% with players such as ScreaM, Forsaken and MarveD etc... All this is implying that, in terms of raw AIM, there were no problems on this tournament which clearly is demonstrated to us in the available data on this wesite.

Besides, I'm not sure what type of "bronze gameplay" you're referring to in your posts. Please, however, do not confuse or compare bronze gameplay with LAN pressure ;)

P.S. After reading your #21 response, I went back and deleted a large portion of it - nvm ... just a very harsh lines... However, you should be ashamed to have such a loose ethic, to speak in this manner... it is pretty toxic, if you know what I mean, let alone for someone aspiring to be a coach or who is currently a coach in the game.

posted 1 week ago

SOLID! .... And, to be honest, there were a plethora of cracked plays that much exceeded my expectations.

Looking forward to the next cycle/season... shout out and a standing ovation to all teams who participated!!!

posted 1 week ago

Dude what's your problem? Oh wait, ... unlucko GG

posted 1 week ago

Andrew should have peaked in 2010 rather than recently in order to advance his views, which have previously been explored and talked extensively by many others before him. Without a doubt, he is a clever kid... and speaking of communication skills, his alpha male trolling persona has served him well in attracting the necessary audience to help making his fortune. He has managed to go head to head with cancel culturists and come out on top (judging by his wealth only)...
TBH, his approach is another way to earn money in today's environment by promoting stuff that everyone knows but doesn't talk about much since it's 2022 outdoors.

posted 1 week ago

Yes, I am aware... I have S2-C and S1-C, as well as older versions... but I like the older ones. The cable you can get for a small fee from some like LGG or the like ... here in the UK it's zerkgamingmods.... so not a big of a deal, regarding modding a little. But the older Zowie just feel better in my palm like the 82g older S2. I'm not sure why though ...maybe because I've used heavier mice for a long time, including Fk1+, or because I have heavy arms... Also, the (-C) line of Zowie has different m1/m2, or their clicks don't feel right to me compared to the older (-B) line (again strictly IMHO.)
The same can be said about GPW vs GPX, both of which I own... GPW seems much more comfortable to me. Also, IMHO I find that 70-80 grams mice are easier to control than light mice 60 grams and less.
Again, it's a personal preference, since I know plenty of individuals who like GPX over GPW, and prefer lighter mice over heavier, in general.

posted 1 week ago

There is some truth to your post. TenZ at his peak: Zowie S2 and HyperX Fury S mousepad... Sure, a better cable might have enhanced the older S2, and the weight of a mouse isn't a significant concern, as Sick (g900) and nAts (S2-b) would attest.

So, the subject of switching peripherals is, at best, questionable.

posted 1 week ago

Surprisingly, switching to 240hz or 360hz may produce dizziness and lightheadedness or even just playing on high refresh rate monitors, but only in Valorant - at least for me, since I've never experienced/felt anything like that while playing CS or any other game. I've felt a little lightheaded on two occasions, both when practising flicks in Range - long sessions. It also happened to me after I had been playing on 240hz for a quite long time. Though, you'll get used to it.
Also, the 8k mouse and 240hz display did not throw anything off for me in terms of dizziness and lightheadedness... Though, on a 240/360hz display, 8k is extremely smooth.

posted 2 weeks ago

No, obviously ange1 would be a better choice for an igl - not zyppan... but "zypan and friends" which is localy known as "zypan go kill" - a meme theme on FPX which typically applies to when zyppan go berzerk on the enemy, implying that he overperforms in his duties as a duelist... so, it will never be called, "Cned and teammates" at least at the beginning <--- that's what I tried to communicate to you.

But I actually misinterpreted your question a bit...

Yeah, they're a really scary team - even closer to perfection than ever before... you might also call them a "superteam," having one of the top players in each category in the world. The goal of this team is nothing but to win trophies. Will they really accomplish it? We'll see.
However, on the paper and in the actual game, they appear to be frighteningly strong as we've seen them play... thus, with a decent vision from their strategy dept., they are more than capable of winning.

--> But we also know that you don't need superteams to win trophies, and other clubs will improve with time. Hence, the time will show how good current Navi are ;)

posted 2 weeks ago

Sorry bruvvv, Zyppan and friends - already taken and imho sounds better and more genuine in the context. And yes, they can win trophies ;)

posted 3 weeks ago

Oh, hello to you as well.

I Agree on what you wrote in your second line: "people disagreed with me last time, i must work harder."

F*** YES! Work HARDER... How harder, you ask? Much and much HARDER! Or quit altogether...

Good luck!

posted 3 weeks ago

Love your honesty and humane approach... +1

Imagine he will eventually get on some global event etc (though used to be easier before ofc), and will fall victim to inexperience and/or overstepping due to his fans' or "fans" expectations... and then imagine that heavy backlash <-- could inevitably happen one day.

SkRossi, as you mentioned, is a very decent player (trying to advance his career and experience)... and there is no reason to praise or criticise him right now as he is only attempting to advance. However, his fan base is either blinded or brain dead altogether, and that they fail to recognise that such player's advertisement is not working in his favour (I kind of feel sorry for him, ngl.) They don't seem to understand that if a player is in the development stage, it would be far more reasonable to go and contribute some $ on his stream to make his life easier rather than speak rivers here.... <-- it's f-ing hard to talk sense, especially on here (sorry for the toxicity)

P.S. The above is just a reflection on the matter, excluding this thread - most likely appears to be an old echo of trolling on the SkRossi theme. Gday!

posted 3 weeks ago

Yeah, they could make as much as they want... including multi hidden mmr groups within only one mode and/or per agents - what I initially meant. They don't reveal anything to us to avoid potential abusing issues, unfourtunately.
One more detail was that one of those MMR groups can be seen by the community through API but others will always remain hidden (I've never tested that though)

posted 3 weeks ago

True... but even that hidden MMR is not as simple as it seems - there are several hidden MMR groups that are taken into consideration. I mean we do realise that it is some crucial factor in our progression within the game but it is extremeIy difficuilt to set fairness scale for such multi-MMR system imho, not to say to go off or make a simple mistake. Unfourtunately, I can't provide the source but, if I recall correctly, the leak by one of the DEVs on Reddit revealed that there were more than two MMR groups. The question that has been asked is how many of those MMR groups are there...

posted 3 weeks ago

Your old office mouse most likely had a polling rate of 250hz - if typical cheap office mouse... The Viper Mini can be set to 1000hz. In practise, a higher polling rate will smooth the game while also reducing the already minimal sensor latency (not to be confused with the m1/m2 click latency).

Instead of the standard sensor ring/rectangle, etc. type of glide surrounding the sensor, all Viper minis used to come with this stupid sensor ring that is part of the actual plastic bottom - case shell. Users, including myself, have reported that their viper mini did not feel smooth on the mouse pad, but rather extremely scratchy/draggy. The working solution for this is to cut that protruding rectangle off the bottom shell plate with some sharp DIY knife to flatten the area surrounding the sensor.

Another annoyance is that the Viper mini (VP) comes with a Pixart 3359. This sensor does not have your typical L/M/H LOD settings in the Synapse, but rather a padwise LOD settings that need to be calculated or whatever, which are not ideal in my opinion. However, I'm not sure about you, but I can't play on the VP's default high LOD. The working solution for this is to apply a piece of black tape that extends from the inner bottom wall of the sensor ring up to 8 millimetres in order to achieve your 1 millimetre LOD. Basically, you will be covering a lower plastic part of the sensor(or which is attached on the sensor tbc) to get your desired LOD... and there is only one setting which is low LOD from doing so.

I highly rate Viper mini and Deathadder mini as they both are extremely good, scoring 2.3ms and 2.1ms on the click latency chart ( ) which is extremely low compared to any other mice, and their 8.5k dpi sensor is more than capable of producing some good results. However, if you have wider palms, you'll need to work your way around these two mice (VP in your case) to get a good grip because they can feel extremely small/light to control at times.

posted 3 weeks ago

Agreed... a complete reset with no merit for previous acts' achievments! They can always play around this idea by making reset periods longer or not weighing the RR(-/+) for those who had higher/lower rankings in previous acts - flat and fair

Or at least, alternatively, revert to the pre - "JAN/2021 update" ranking system style.

Edit: A word merit over credit sounds better in the context.

posted 3 weeks ago

Oh, bruv... it's a MESS!

I'll leave out the rest... for now.... but please finish this phrase for me because I can't seem to discover any definitions or ideas that you've studied:
Developing teams is a misnomer; it does not imply development as such... ---> But what precisely is a "misnomer"... what is the variable's value? Is it a qual or a quant value, given that you opened your mouth on factor scores... then where are the reliability test results and the entire factor analysis (ethical merits do not measure in quant values but qual)... but then what does it mean to develop? How does this relate to the framework that you'd never explained?


Please keep on topic of defining your conflicting variable "misnomer" and its relationship to the framework... by the way, in brief framework or theoretical framework - findings on the examined phenomena that have already been explored by others. Frameworks define and fully present all variables/factors or metrics in specific sections of research papers, if you will, and OF COURSE its model(s) as well... the question ---> what sources/references do you have to support your thesis??? There are non ... i.e. that poor poisson dist. formula that you even wrote incorrectly should have been studied in those papers, and presented as a significant distribution for such sampling method** ... yet nothing from you... Why did you select the poisson distribution over others such as the normal distribution etc?

You: "I believe I've made myself clear and answered your queries."
Me: "NO, YOU HAVE NOT... as advise, if you by any chance study those topics at university, then get your shit together and sit down to study - you are all over the place... no cap"

P.S. Econ/Math grad here ;)

posted 2 months ago

Edit: Moved --> #27

posted 2 months ago

Why do you believe that "developing teams" are truly attempting to develop... or particularly to develop something? As well as, how do you quantify the unit of your so-called "development?" Is there any measure of equalness of it to something or not?

If you think about it deeper, the problem of "ethical merits" may not be seen as a problem at all, but rather as an outmoded outcome of previously actioned and tested conditional bounds by those who you refer to as developing teams... Doesn't it all make sense? If that's the case, are you really following me here?

posted 2 months ago

They simply shut down FPX without a sweat... DRX is 4 to 0 in maps from two series in this competition... I have no explanations for what on earth..., but that DRX's forthcoming matches will be much tougher, and they will probably lose - not because I back FPX... This will further blow my mind out of proportion because I've never understood such deviFUCKINGations in pro... I'm not sure why, but I sense SUS in all of that. Yet GGWP DRX

posted 2 months ago

They are both effective and cause me to gain weight, especially barbell rows. First, I'd typicaly hit some heavy barbell rows, followed by one or two-handed dumble or cable rows off the bench as an isolation killer. On the other back day, I'd start with some weighted pull-ups, followed by one or two-handed cable or hammer style lat pulldowns...

However, here is the thing - an effective barbell row workout requires previously developed stability or stabilising muscles... Simply put, bros who avoid such compounds have weak stabilising muscles, not to mention that the actual exercise is incredibly energy consuming.

posted 2 months ago

That was a 200 IQ reply... Plated and played flawlessly.

Surprised that some focus on the supposed n-word rather than the actual meaning.

posted 2 months ago

Hey, great digging... great postmatch review... love the format ... GOOD JOB! - same goes for your previous posts!

Despite the controversy, the entire match exceeded my expectations in a good way, particularly the Ascent map.

P.S. Ignoring the TURRET in the room for a moment, I'll remember this disgusting shot from Ange1 for a long time... left me somewhat speechless... still buzzing Ohhhhh...

posted 2 months ago
  • Sens: 0.315/0.355/0.377
  • Dpi: 800 (could do 1k Dpi for WIN but will match the eDpi below)
  • eDpi: 252/284/302
posted 2 months ago

What exactly do you mean by "single-handedly?" It's usually mentioned when someone WINS the entire series for their team. However, Acend lost that series, and Ardiis differed cNed by +2k over three maps, owing to a minor kills differential - yet still differential. PERFORMANCE TAB

cNed is a superb player, but there's no need to unfairly/misinformfully elevate him above other outstanding duelists, given that he'd been equally outmatched by Sayf and others in earlier matchups.

posted 2 months ago


posted 2 months ago

I agree with you in general... Personally, I wouldn't boo teams I don't support or similar... but I believe I have no say, if someone who paid for a ticket decides to boo whatever they want... At the end of the day, it's their opinion/freedom to do so... We just cannot judge someone in this regard, regardless of how it is seen.

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posted 2 months ago

ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018... cough... cough...

^^^Have you ever/even watched that?

Exactly ... home crowd advantage is common... Stop pointing fingers.

posted 2 months ago

Aye, grouping appeared a little odd at times ngl... though several factors are beyond the control of teams. It also would have been nice to see some analysis on how teams, from the same regions - who were grouped together, did on average ...or something. It'd help in revealing the absolute strength of those teams ... I mean there are couple of more indicators for such estimations, though this would have been nice to see. Also, VLR itself can include such section in one of their tabs.

BTW... So far, XSET has done exceptionally well in this competition. And Extremely ngl, I was disappointed to see them gone too early the last time from the masters. I've always known they have the potential/skill set to play some of the finest Valorant in the game - massive no cap.

posted 2 months ago

He said there Optic/Envy skew the picture with most points for NA region ... also highest variance in falling off for NA (obv. excluding Otpic/Envy).

^^^This is something certain NA or... VLR members (not all NA members/streamers but the certain ones) DO NOT TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION when voicing their opinions on here or wherever.

posted 2 months ago
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