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this is sick + add the sentinels rumored roster moves

posted 1 month ago

Guys he's literally in Toronto right now

posted 2 months ago

What are these rosters?

posted 2 months ago

Sentinels is likely to stay with the current three active players, so let's build from there.


I doubt, any of these players will actually leave SEN. They would need smokes and a flex/duelist role. Sentinels still has options from Sick, Zombs, Kanpeki, and Sinatraa. I find it unlikely the ladder of three players will actually play. Sick is likely though.

Some good smokes players Sentinels can choose from are

Sick, already on the team (inactive)
Supamen, amazing LCQ performance with Faze
Moose, good LCQ individula performance with a bad team
Marved, yet the drama with TenZ makes this the most unlikely.
Zander, would be good with Zellsis

As for the flex/duelist role i'd say

Zekken, extremely good stats for XSET
Zellsis, we already know him
JonahP, great pickup from the Guard
johnqt, Shahzam plays with him quite a bit
Asuna, this one is ballsy, but I can see it happening + great friendship with TenZ

Anyways, Sentinels has a lot of options going into the off season, and I'd be excited about their future

posted 2 months ago

I would say segregated for a while, but I would not be surprised to see regions begin to mix maybe in the next year of franchising. As for which region would pick up players from another region more, no clue. Also, I think there is a higher chance of people from NA moving to EMEA this off season, due to there only being 5 NA slots.

posted 2 months ago

What team comps do you guys think we'll see on the new map, Pearl, in pro play?

posted 4 months ago

your mom to my house

posted 6 months ago

sick on smokes

posted 7 months ago

You sure they weren't just playing 10 mans? 10 mans has risen up in popularity as of recent, since players don't have much to do.

posted 7 months ago

My boy Derke just turned up and made this man silent 🥶

posted 8 months ago

common zachlikethat123 w

posted 8 months ago
  1. C9
  2. V1
  3. OPTIC
  4. SEN
  5. TGRD
  7. XSET
posted 8 months ago

I would put V1 above them, however, I need to see that match first. Sentinels have a huge history in VCT, going to all three lans, while V1 has only been to one.

posted 8 months ago

pretty sure they are broken down by h2h, do not know though

posted 8 months ago

The 9 teams:

posted 8 months ago

C9, look the most consistent overall and have lan experience.
Sen, although people criticize them, I think they are top 3 at least. I would put V1 over them, but I feel like Optic just collapsed.
V1, this team looks great, could be potential number 1 in NA, they absolutely fucked Optic after getting fucked in the first map.
Optic, I thought this team was the best, but it seems when the teamwork falls, the team collapses. I need to see a little more individual play from them other than Yay.
Guard, this team is top of their group rn, but I cannot put them higher until their match against C9, no lan experience yet, I believe is the main difference from all the first four teams and the Guard, Overall, really solid, though.
XSET, I love watching this team, but they are definitely 6th in this group of teams.

Every team here looks shaky at moments, I think playoffs will certainly shape who is the best and not.

posted 8 months ago

yes 🤷‍♂️

posted 10 months ago