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he literally got caught cheating in csgo

however pretty sure in val hes legit

posted 5 months ago

bro stop embarrassing yourself

posted 5 months ago

he really did improve his gamesense

posted 5 months ago

hes not bad, but he got cut from geng

he got in because he played with munchkin on CR a while ago

does he deserve franchising? probably not

posted 5 months ago

half their players dont deserve franchise lets be real

ban? nope

carpe? nope

intro? nope

posted 5 months ago

they think them saying random english gibberish will help them

*hears a flash on a


posted 5 months ago

its always the braindead vlr users who write shit like this

keep coping idiot

posted 5 months ago

MikesHD aka the guy who got cut by envy when they were winning everything

actually, he didnt even get cut, he was never part of the team

if people didnt see the writing on the wall idk what to tell ya

posted 5 months ago

Theres a very high chance all 3 of prx ts and t1 are frauds

Rrq and zeta go up, WAY up

posted 5 months ago

Lol it might actually happen

They beat dfm 2-1

Lose narrowly to zeta 1-2

Vs t1 is important match, honestly ts are heavily favored imo

Beat ge 2-0

Lose to drx 0-26

Is that record enough to make playoffs? We shall see

posted 5 months ago

Suddenly this game is important

posted 5 months ago

I say reactionary but this could be real by chain logic this ranking works its crazy

posted 5 months ago
  1. DRX
  2. GENG
  3. ZETA
  4. RRQ
  5. TS
  6. PRX
  7. T1
  8. DFM
  9. GE
  10. TLN

Zeta only lost to DRX, beat RRQ

RRQ only lost to Zeta and Geng, beat TS and DFM

TS lost to GenG and RRQ, beat PRX and TLN

PRX lost to DRX and TS, beat T1 and DFM

T1 lose to PRX, beat TLN and GE


posted 5 months ago

Bro thinks tasteless aka the goat of casting is a no namer lol

posted 5 months ago

If ts loses to rrq pacific just became 1000x more interesting

posted 5 months ago

Pays to be a ts doubter

posted 5 months ago

If RRQ makes a comeback

TS goes down

RRQ goes up



posted 5 months ago

Talon is so fucked lol

posted 5 months ago

DRX 2-1

Trash1 too inconsistent, players choke especially saya, ban and carpe not franchise material

posted 5 months ago

Never doubt koreans at esports they actually play

Its all they have

posted 5 months ago


But they would def drop maps, drx dropped maps and series to ONS, F4Q, WGS

posted 5 months ago

Matter of fact, DRX lost MULTIPLE times during reg season when they played KR teams

Ill go a step further and say if OGS or SLT was in Pacfic DRX would probably lose a series during regular season

posted 5 months ago

And the sea bots said theres no competition in kr because drx always won lol

posted 5 months ago

Damn I just realized thats true lol

posted 5 months ago

Ur brainded

posted 5 months ago

No he cant

Watch his jp league games

Guy just farms all his firstblood from playing operator on defense, inflated stats

posted 5 months ago

They wont 2-0 geng, bet ur house on it

posted 5 months ago

Hes up there, but something doesnt entry like aspas

posted 5 months ago

He is

Hes literally doing everything for the team on attack

posted 5 months ago

Ascent benching ur best player is just a throw

Split, was close they should stick to that roster but something needs to stop trying to farm twitter clips

posted 5 months ago

Bro that something shot was literally nothing special holy fk

posted 5 months ago

😂😂😂😂 saw this coming from a mile away

God Trash1 infuriates me, but whats crazier is that theres 3 teams worse than Trash1

posted 5 months ago

They really thought benching jingg on ascent for something was the answer

I agree, they braindead

posted 5 months ago

Hes the real carry of DRX, mako is 1a but hes 1b

posted 5 months ago

Bro cant answer a single comment without copiuming out of his mind

Did u watch him play jp league its a yes or no question

because he was never good and just a ranked player

U didnt get a word I said did ya

PRX needs jingg, they dont need something

posted 5 months ago

Lol ur such a moron

Just be honest and admit u never watched something play in jp and only see him farm acs on vlr

posted 5 months ago

Bro grasping at straws

"Omg look he did good 1 round!"

Read my comments, watch him play and ull realize what I said about something is 100% right

Hes a good trader, a decent rifler, doesnt fk entry, relies on his jp teammates to literally get info with their body, good at farming stats, a really good opper, never won anything, underperforms vs good t1 jp teams, and a ranked player

posted 5 months ago


Nah uve been pegged as brainded vlr user

posted 5 months ago

I never thought he was a good match for prx and u can read my comment when he got announced

They need analysts and a better igl, not a another stat farmer who ops well, trades well, but doesnt entry

Sure more firepower doesnt hurt the team, but they desperately need more analysts ASAP, AND they shouldnt remove forsaken jingg from duelist duties

posted 5 months ago

Braindead vlr users?

The actual braindead vlr users are the ones that hyped something up like he carried his team to win jp league multiple times

When in reality dude played on a MID tier jp team in a farmer league and choked consistently in playoffs or qualifications

Watch PRX announcing something and you will see the take of real smart vlr users, everyone asking wtf is this pickup

For the record, I dont think something is a bad pickup IF they forced him to learn a new agent, but giving him jett over forsaken and jingg is just stupid

posted 5 months ago

That team would literally fuck PRX and even DRX tbh until they get figured out lol

posted 5 months ago

Im sorry, but there is no future with that roster

Listen to their comms and watch their videos

Half those players doesnt deserve franchising

And their manager is a certified dummy

posted 5 months ago

T1 is not korean, they are ameritards

posted 5 months ago

Overreacting? Bro benching jingg is literally 0 iq move its called giving flak where flak is due

posted 5 months ago

Nah, another overrated player

posted 5 months ago

Jingg is the perfect example why ranked doesnt mean shit

In ranked forsaken consistently wins more games, tilts less and places higher on leaderboard, yet in competitive jingg is just better

posted 5 months ago
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