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Probably BcJ or aproto

posted 17 hours ago

cookie dough

posted 4 days ago

unlucky really

posted 5 days ago

Tenz - Reyna
Scream - Yoru
Boaster - Phoenix
Wardell - Jett
Suggest - Raze

5 Duelist -> Brain off, click heads, can't lose

posted 5 days ago

You say that but if FNC manages to beat X10, Nuturn/V1 gonna send them boys home early XD

posted 2 weeks ago

As usual, NA is dominating because NA is best region!

posted 2 weeks ago

New Agent whose abilities block flashes and block AOE damage incoming....

posted 2 weeks ago

Agree, who makes a bracket where having to play an extra round is determined randomly? They messed up previous brackets in NA by putting both #1 seeds on the same side and before that by having loser bracket rematch the same side instead of playing the loser from the other side of the bracket. Riot VLR brackets trash IMHO

posted 3 weeks ago