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beGenius is playing against Mandatory and not vs MAD

posted 3 months ago

I consider him the current best player in the world
It might change this year tho

posted 4 months ago

Huge W for the growing turkish community

posted 4 months ago

Il est dispo ?

posted 4 months ago

I think this comment will age poorly

posted 4 months ago

The glitch is in the map since it launched. also vk lost bc shitty 0-7 head advantage.

remember fanatic vs ldlc ;)

remember inferno banana jump-bug? remember fanatic boost on overpass? any of those players got punished for using those "bugs".

btw, if they ware to make a punishment they should've done them right when they saw the bug.

"matches will only be paused if the exploit is clearly there"

if they didn't know that this was a bug how would the players do? LMFAO I'm a cypher man and didn't knew about this I've been using this cam since the map was launched.

but I'm glad that vk had at least the chance. unfortunately they didn't win. but there should be a review for x10c and VGIA.

posted 9 months ago