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nah i was always rooting for DR

posted 2 weeks ago

Oxy has a ton of t2 experience and consistently fragged among top t2 teams with Dark Ratio. Just cause he didn't play in VCT stage 1/2 doesn't automatically mean he's terrible

posted 1 month ago

ScrewFace :)

posted 3 months ago

dude just doesn't like any region other than NA and EU LOL

posted 5 months ago

"0% chance" Keepo

posted 5 months ago


Who is ScrewFace? For the blind, it is light. For the hungry, it is bread. For the sick, it is the cure. For the lonely, it is the partner. For the sad, it is joy. For the prisoner, it is freedom. For the poor, it is the treasure. For the debtor, it is forgiveness

posted 6 months ago

screwface hot + zexrow fortnite + drone -400 + ange hot + trick sniper

DZ 2-0 ;)

posted 8 months ago

Dark Zero momentum + ScrewFace handsome + Ange Controlling + Zexrow Fortnite + Trick IGL + Drone droning

posted 8 months ago

DarkZero 2-0 #GoingDark #ScrewFaceDifference #OpAbuser

posted 9 months ago

I don't have to say anything, I already know the ScrewFace fans have risen

posted 10 months ago