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Ok China going to champions let's goooo!!!!

posted 3 days ago

Nexi sentinel

posted 5 days ago

3 teams in lower bracket lol

posted 1 month ago

Because of this

Overhyped my fucking ass. Go ask some of top 8 teams in SEA and they'll definitely say we could be a contender for the masters slot. We are scrimming them on 120+ ping and making it close and even beating them. Every top SEA team we have scrimmed has high respect for us knowing the damage we can do on the ping we have yet alone what we would do on low ping. We are not like Bonkers or Soniqs and it takes one vod review to see that. I hope to change all your minds when the time comes but for now have some respect on our names.

posted 1 month ago

37 kills ez for tesseract

posted 2 months ago

She's from MySg bro. She is not a Filipino

posted 4 months ago

Kantutan aking mission kahit anong klaseng posisyon kaya ikaw ay tumihaya, paupo, o padapa ilabas niyo na poke niyo ito nang burat ko lumuhod sa king harapan susuhin niyo titi ko

posted 4 months ago

Wordle 257 4/6


posted 5 months ago