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Drx mental is high rn cuz they broke curse

posted 1 week ago

optic aint banning bind

posted 2 weeks ago

yay finally didnt kick the cpu and they lose

posted 3 weeks ago

You really have nothing better to do, so you hate on a team?

posted 1 month ago

If they beat faze and c9 beats faze they at least qualify for lcq

posted 3 months ago

Nah I think OpTic will get at least 1 round

posted 4 months ago

If we take them to map 3 that will be a win for us😅

That way we could upset c9 and beat faze to qualify for playoffs

posted 4 months ago

OpTic and c9 will destroy them, but SEN will take FaZe to map 3 or beat them

posted 4 months ago

OpTic 2-0 SEN
13-11 or OT win on SEN pick
13-6 on OpTic pick

posted 4 months ago

top 4 teams in Challengers 1 qualify (OpTic, XSET, C9, Guard)
top 4 teams in Open Qualifier 1 qualify (FaZe, NRG, TSM, LG)
top 4 teams in Open Qualifier 2 qualify (SEN, 100T, EG, Ghost)

posted 4 months ago