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Need a tissue to wipe out your tears?

Stop victimising yourself bro.

posted 1 week ago

Oh yeah NA is completely demolishing the Valorant scene with a double second place on mixed and feminine champions. Try winning before claiming.

posted 3 months ago

How are the maps decided?

posted 3 months ago

Brazil has three lol. Didn't even know Mibr existed, the probably replaced G2

posted 6 months ago

What happens is that zekken, alfajer and less tend to play duelists ( Chamber included) and very impactful and spectator-friendly characters while Shyy plays support roles so he doesn't take a lot of duels and he doesn't get the frags.
So when judging the performances we need to watch out for that.
That said my ranking would be:

  1. Shyy
posted 6 months ago

Bro you high af, FPX are the last masters champion and Xset went 0-2 in that tournament. Krü went 1-2 and Xerxia went 0-2 in a much easier group. Xerxia and Xset don't stand a chance Xd.

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posted 6 months ago

Case wins it tho

posted 7 months ago

Your masters-remind to double check information and not listen to biased sources (Brazilian media) when judging players or teams

posted 8 months ago

I don't know Portuguese but I can say that Krü shut your mouth.

P.D: Keznit isn't racist, you are :)

posted 8 months ago

Said the Big fan (No offense, your team ain't really performing good)

posted 9 months ago

Bro masters spots are awarded to regions that perform well. In the world champions 3/4 semifinalists where from EMEA so perhaps we deserve the 3 spots :)

posted 11 months ago