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omg same with me lmao

posted 2 months ago

they can have fun cause they succeed their objective to master bro cant deny prx so hecking strong but pls dont underestimate any chances. also i agree prx is in another level good luck and be master champ bro

posted 3 months ago

We proud of him. sScary said in a team need someone to be the matyr and crws did it very well. And also he is cluth king if you really watch xia

posted 3 months ago

thanks guys that's why in apac except th my region i love my/sg the most

posted 3 months ago

cause all indonesian guy think like this so your region never even be in master lmao

posted 3 months ago

xia just tests their new comp bro did you watch icebox?

posted 3 months ago

sg/my's region has lesser competitive than Thai's if you know

posted 4 months ago

U can blame philippines they make xerxia lower bracket

posted 6 months ago