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ty for the message you sent, i saw it but idk why im not able to reply it, so i will throw it here

today was actually perfect, the first thing she said when she saw me today was that yesterday she was kinda of embaressed and couldnt respond properly, but that she did enjoy the time with me aswell, and that she would pay the next time :)

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i hope so, i mean, she did say "not yet" when asked if i was her boyfriend, but after today i think it was probably a light hearted joke

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i did, #45

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Some people told me to update this so here it goes 👇 (WARNING: CRINGE)⚠️

after reading yall comments, i believed that the #10 was the best one, so that was what i did(kinda).

here, every class ends at 11:30am, so almost everyday at that time our friend group leaves together by foot until the subway station, i do that aswell even though i have a car, because i dont wanna spend money on gasoline, but today i went to college with the car because i came with a plan
(i only noticed how creepy this is after doing it D:)

the plan: i tell them that today i would go to a friends house (that is in the same direction as her house) to help him build his pc, so i offer them a free ride, only her and another friend lives in this direction, so we 3 went by car, luckly the guy's home is closer than hers, so after some time its just us in the car, and i said that i was hungry and would eat at a restaurant that is close to her house and told her that if she wants, she can eat with me too and that i can pay for her food.
she accepted it fast surprisingly

normally im very comfortable talking with her, but in the restaurant i was actually so nervous, but thankfully she was saving it by mantaining the conversation.
after that i drove her home, and while she was leaving the car she said thank you to me, and i replied with: "no, thank you, i really like spending time with u :)"
she fake smiled, blushed and said "no problem" and went inside

idk if im tweaking, but it seemed like she was uncomfortable with my saying, now i am dying inside and feel like shit because i feel like now she knows the "going to my friends home" was just an excuse

i could just die 🙂

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im a lurker 🗿

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UPDATED: comment #45

dear dating practicers of vlr, please enlighten me

im friends with this girl from college, cool, we did group projects together a few times when we were in the same class, i like her but never tought about doing something about it for fear of losing a friend, but today i gave my sweatshirt to her because she was feeling cold, then we went to our respective classes, at the end of the day, one friend of mine that is from her class, told me that their professor was talking to her and said that she saw us both, asked if i was her boyfriend because i gave the sweatshirt, then she answered "not yet"

now im like this:😶
what should i do, ask her out because now i know that she likes me, or wait for her to ask me because she said not yet, or maybe kms

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She is not a product of my imagination. Real and true

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Yesterday i went to the supermarket and met this woman while buying meat, she said she was 47 but looked like 30 at most.
She was asking if i knew how to cook etc, i said yes and we started talking until we both left the market and she asked for my number, today she picked me up at my house and it happened.
Im in love with a milf
She also play games on switch like animal crossing and stardew valley

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