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Looks so weird that something has the highest acs despite having 12 fewer kills and 26 less K/D on the same amount of maps

posted 6 months ago

Is there any way to see the agent bans?

posted 10 months ago

Babybay imo, definitely good player and cracked aimer but his playstyle is definitely not sustainable at a high level and I think he benefited from the game being new, as teams get better I think he will start to struggle unless he switches up his style.

posted about a year ago

Xeppaa is one of the highest potential NA talents. Many considered him the best NA CSGO talent behind Ethan. Most pros who have played against him in val have said hes insane. Poiz is definitely good but Xeppaa is just better, Vanity said he could be a top 5 player NA

posted about a year ago