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Wait till he finds out people used to draw Lion with a Hoodie before AI was a thing 💀

posted 3 days ago

GE 2-1 Zeta Hopium
Polvi pops off
Bazzi surprise appearance
Russ masterclass
Benkai and Blazekingg frag out like always

posted 5 days ago

Hope for the best for Rossi in new team. Hopefully new Sent/flex role will widen his agent pool and lessen the pressure

posted 4 months ago

Bro repeating the same shit that happened with Rossi, please dont

posted 4 months ago

Vlr not riddled with 1000 gambling site sponsors... We good here

posted 6 months ago

Rent free in yo head

posted 7 months ago

Missed by a match up but they surely are out kekw

posted 8 months ago

Mf said bowling 🗿

posted 8 months ago

Naaah he means the basketball player bro

posted 9 months ago

GR vs OGT (Finals)

Map 1: 14-12
Map 2: 13-8
Map 3: 13-6
Map 4: 13-11
Map 5: 16-14

OGT win 3-2 vs GR

posted 10 months ago

NGL whole of VLT is ass, they kept repeating the same strat in Lotus till they lost for like 6 rounds straight. Amaterasu used the same KJ setup even though they knew how to counter it.

posted 10 months ago


posted 10 months ago

Kydeae ?

posted 10 months ago

Ez money

posted 10 months ago

Chup randi

posted 10 months ago

Every eSports game does this, it's not limited to Valorant

posted 10 months ago

Global Esports Phoenix beat Blitz Zen on Icebox 13-5! They win round 5 of the swiss stage, being 4-1 overall.

Now, they will play the last match of swiss stage.

~Owl drone Media

posted 11 months ago