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Kindler, hes doing what you were too weak to follow through with

posted 2 minutes ago

true not all but overall the region is more chaotic then other regions though
maybe i'm just biased because half apac games I've watched were the OCE games which are all like that

posted 8 minutes ago

although stupid and should be changed it almost feels more apac this way doesn't it? Just spamming games after each other, no time to prep just who shows up that day, embodies apac chaos

posted 12 minutes ago

if they actually put this in america and asia/apac, and have a slot into masters from vrl. The thing is if they were planning this why wouldn't they make this public so that some teams might not leave even if they miss franchising like what happened to NA tier 2

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posted 27 minutes ago

I can be socials manager
my previous employer will vouch

reply from FlyingDoggoWoweeClap2

as you can see I was certified by FlyingDoggoWoweeClap2 to be 1st on ORDER fans, even above that TSchedz fella!

posted 29 minutes ago

during a live vct match as well, I'm sorry

posted 33 minutes ago

I do, maybe not enough though, I'll get on that immediately

posted 34 minutes ago

so same stakes as other and its based on whether either OGLU or NAVI qualify for champs?

posted 35 minutes ago

my piss has no flavour so it wouldn't out mark the dogs

posted 37 minutes ago

hol your og claim was all emea is close not top emea is close. I'm confused on what you want to bet on then?

posted 40 minutes ago

My dog peed on my chair bros, it ain't made of leather
How do I clean this? My chair gonna smell like dog pee from now on :(

posted 42 minutes ago

I'm down but how would we judge the 'closeness' of the teams

posted 43 minutes ago

thread called 'Will EMEA be as close as the NA and APAC LCQ's?'
you reply to my post about emea not being close
your telling me your response 'all EMEA teams can win' in that context doesn't imply you think the matches are gonna be close and no team will get blown out
Your lyin straight through your teeth here boi

posted 45 minutes ago

'all EMEA teams can win'
'"obviously navi, og ldn utd, and bbl" all these teams can win matches in an international lan'
how you just gonna lie like that when we got logs

posted 52 minutes ago

korean are dogshit, alg though japan will show EDG are tier 3 against reject then in lowers 3 against whoever

I will stay strong in my judgement against the guy who said emea would be close
Look how that one went

posted 58 minutes ago

I may have made a severe lapse in judgement

posted 1 hour ago

actually true, im sorry I was wrong, all non-drx korea is super weak
all of japan>all of china>all of korea in lcq

posted 1 hour ago

clearly you didn't drink enough

posted 2 hours ago

Syling911, a journalist of the people

posted 11 hours ago

she goes to the house either because she doesn't realize the implication or because she thinks she wants to have sex but once she is there decides she doesn't, either way it doesn't matter if there is no apparent reason, if she says she doesn't want it then you don't give it. Why the fuck would a woman go if they thought they were gonna get raped? Do you think woman that get raped ever know they are gonna get raped? You might be retarded

posted 11 hours ago

look at how well russia is doing in ukraine exactly because Putin went without oligarchs support, USA knew months ahead of time.

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posted 1 day ago

the movie made me cry, even better then the series. You have certified bad taste

posted 1 day ago

0/8 been done before
I thought the movie was super popular?

posted 1 day ago

gotta watch the anime before this movie though

posted 1 day ago

?? It's a hypothetical followed by a rhetorical question

posted 1 day ago

bros so hard pressed lmao, please seek help

posted 1 day ago

I'm a happy person which is much more important, and I hope once you get through your angst phase you come out a happy person as well. :)

posted 1 day ago

We are sibling nations, brothers competing to be top dog

posted 1 day ago

holy shit, rugby forums are the last place on earth for any kiwi rn. Luckily I'm South African born so my team is doing alright

posted 1 day ago

ORDER is the OCE team, like how I support prx in internations because NZ-->OCE-->APAC
I don't hate australia, they are like a little brother, family love yknow

posted 1 day ago

After ORDER lost we have been at war but I say my aussies and kiwis, what is the use of all this fighting?
I will not pretend I am blameless, I played my part in the machine but we have a brotherhood going back to WW1 and as countries we must stand together against NA, BRAZIL and EMEA tyranny.
It doesn't matter that you guys pretend you created pavlova when in fact we did because together we can be stronger!
On behalf of the Kiwis I offer a peace treaty to the president of the beautiful (less then NZ though) Australia, TS_ChedZ.

I want to make it clear I was the one that offered the deal so I and NZ as a whole is the bigger man in this exchange

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posted 1 day ago

Until franchising begins we have no common enemy

posted 1 day ago

Lets ask our indigenous populations and see who thinks their country is better. simple as

posted 1 day ago

NZ national anthem> AUS national anthem
Prob made by a kiwi anyway

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posted 1 day ago

Fine, I was wrong but I can't stop replying or else it'll seem like I lost!

posted 1 day ago

when ORDER is playing we the boys, otherwise you lot can go to shit

posted 1 day ago

bet your ass it is

posted 1 day ago

I was tricked by new south wales because you stole that from wales, shouldve assumed that aussies would have no shame stealing a name from another nation just like the flag!

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posted 1 day ago

Glad we agree only 2/5 of the people are australian.
Australia is a nation built upon copying better countries things

posted 1 day ago

Common vitality fan W

posted 1 day ago

hmmm.. true I said nz PLAYERS but I didn't say Aus Players, just Aus which means aus region thus aus teams

posted 1 day ago

screenshot and save things like this, when your balls drop look back and you'll cringe at how you were back in the day

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posted 1 day ago
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