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honestly, Shao underperforms on Sova, thats why they put him on Fade throughout LOCKIN. GOATED on Sage and Fade though.

posted 3 days ago

your maths aint mathin on that one my dude

posted 1 week ago

Yay has an average ACS over 200 on Sage and Breach, both with over 600 rounds played. At masters Berlin, before chamber came out, he was top 6 in rating. Top 4 in KD, and top 10 in ACS. Go watch his Vandal clips bro. Yay's fundaments and awareness are better than 99% of pros. Go watch how he clears angles. How he jiggles. His timing is often impeccable and ends in a first shot HS.

posted 3 weeks ago

I have been watching a bunch of S1imple's val vods, and currently watching one as I write this. Can confidently say that there are plenty of players that are way better than him. Including yay. Plus there is a small sample size of him playing pro. How could you make that claim when has not contended against any of the top players in the world? All he does is complain that Val is not the same CSGO. that's because they are not. This is a weird take.

posted 3 weeks ago

compare 2022 stats and then come back

posted 3 weeks ago

L take. Jett was much more of an aggressive agent before. longer smoke. Instant dash. Reset knives on right click.
What are you even saying?

posted 3 weeks ago

they won like 4 tournaments, pretty decisively, on their way to an international slot. how is that a fluke? Also, Tex is working for them. They are not going to make a change just for yay.

posted 3 weeks ago

EZ for ardiis and s0m. EMEA have no chance this year.

posted 1 month ago