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you have the IQ of a pop-tart.

posted 3 weeks ago

I showed this song to my friends and now I have no friends.

posted 1 month ago

The desk said he wasn't feeling well.

posted 2 months ago

I remember when Balla started casting Fortnite and it was the most cringe thing I've ever listened to. Like look up a clip of it if you ever need to torture your worst enemy. He has come a long way since then and not gonna lie he puts me to sleep and or I tone him out.

posted 3 months ago

Came to read about FPX, left as soon as I saw something about SEN.

posted 3 months ago

Washed CS "pro's" vs overhyped noobs.. who will win???

posted 3 months ago

Bruh, I feel like im watching Ranked Gold players rn

posted 3 months ago