Alliance Alliance Europe Rank #20 Nille Nichlas Busk MALFOy Claes Søgaard kodazy albert Albert Mikkelsen SEIDER Mathias Seider have released their roster and announced plans for a rebuild around Nordic players.

Alliance 🐀
📢Today we are officially addressing roster changes and rebuild plans with a Nordic region focus!

Huge thanks to @hypeVLR, @FearothVAL, @luckeRRR_ & @ZikGOD for their contribution to our VALORANT legacy and good luck in the future!



In mid-April, all members of the roster announced that they had been allowed to seek other offers outside of the organization while still under contract. Coach Casper "Desmo" Rasmussen also officially declared that he had entered free agency. This news came after Alliance finished in fourth place in the playoffs of VRL Polaris. In the regular season, Alliance had finished the season with a near-perfect 6-1 record, only stumbling in their Round 6 match against Tundra Esports Tundra Esports Inactive bonkar Malkolm Rench Nille Nichlas Busk krea6on Vilius Malinauskas .

According to an official news post regarding the changes, Mathias "SEIDER" Seider and coach Desmo will be spearheading the team's efforts to build a "strong, cohesive nordic team that will bring Alliance victories in the future."

Competition in the next VRL Polaris stage begins May 16 with the start of the group stage.