The T1 x Nerd Street Gamers VALORANT Showdown is set to kickoff this weekend. Widely considered as the biggest event in Valorant to date, the tournament features a mixture of North America's biggest teams, influencers and squads that made their way through the open qualifiers. They will compete for their share of the $50,000 prize pool, the largest of any Valorant event so far.


16 teams have been split into four groups of four and will compete in a round robin group stage, with the top two teams from each group advancing to the playoffs. All group stage matches will be a best-of-three maps. The playoffs will be played out via a double-elimination bracket. Upper bracket matches will be a best-of-three maps, lower bracket matches will be a best-of-one and the grand final will be a best-of-five matches with the victor of the upper bracket receiving a map advantage.

The $50,000 USD prize pool will be allocated as detailed below:

  • 1st: $25,000 USD
  • 2nd: $15,000 USD
  • 3rd: $5,000 USD
  • 4th: $5,000 USD



  • Derek "wtfmoses" Moseley (Host)
  • Chris "Puckett" Puckett (Commentator)
  • Lauren "Pansy" Scott (Commentator)
  • Arten "Balla" Esa (Commentator)
  • John "Blu" Mullen (Commentator)
  • Alex "Goldenboy" Mendez (Commentator)
  • Dan "Gaskin" Gaskin (Commentator)
  • Mark "boq" Wilson (Commentator)
  • David "Simo" Rabinovitch (Commentator)
  • Alex "Vansilli" Nguyen (Commentator)



Group A

Cloud9 Cloud9 North America Rank #6 TenZ Tyson Ngo Relyks Skyler Weaver mitch Mitch Semago shinobi Josh Abastado - Invited

FaZe Clan FaZe Clan North America Rank #12 corey Corey Nigra ZachaREEE Zachary Lombardo Marved Johnny Nguyen - Invited

ProspectsGG ProspectsGG Inactive BabyJ Hunter Schline JoshRT Josh Lee diceyzx Quan Tran witmer Shawn Taylor tex Ian Botsch - Qualifier 1

together we are terrific together we are terrific Inactive c4Lypso Abdo Agha kaboose Jake McDonald aKis Adam Kisseberth FNS Pujan Mehta mummAy Anthony DiPaolo - Qualifier 1

Group B

Immortals Immortals North America Rank #5 Bjor Joseph Bjorklund jcStani Noah Smith KOLER Yannick Blanchette Genghsta Amgalan Nemekhbayar Asuna Peter Mazuryk - Invited

Team SoloMid Team SoloMid North America Rank #2 hazed James Cobb Drone Taylor Johnson Wardell Matthew Yu Subroza Yassine Taoufik reltuC Stephen Cutler - Invited

Charlotte Phoenix Charlotte Phoenix Inactive Spirit Adam Wills Ksiaze Justin Goszczynski sh0ts William Griffith ChurmZ Corey Koch anger Todd Williams - Community Qualifier

Spot Up Spot Up North America Rank #18 Tucker Tucker Watson tem Artem Kozlovskiy figment Oliver Thompson Khai Andrew Nguyen Bunny Garrett Molle - Qualifier 2

Group C

100 Thieves 100 Thieves North America Rank #20 Hiko Spencer Martin YaBoiDre Diondre Bond Valliate Keane Alonso Venerated Zachary Roach Pride Alfred Choi - Invited

T1 T1 North America Rank #4 brax Braxton Pierce AZK Keven Larivière crashies Austin Roberts Skadoodle Tyler Latham food Victor Wong - Invited

  • Braxton "brax" Pierce
  • Keven "AZK" Larivière
  • Austin "crashies" Roberts
  • Tyler "Ska" Latham
  • Victor "food" Wong
  • Daniel "fRoD" Montaner (Coach)

Team Ninja Team Ninja North America Rank #27 Morgausse Austin Etue Grego Gregory McAllen LeX Alexander Deily Ninja Tyler Blevins - Invited

Code7 Code7 Inactive robwiz Rob Kennedy Nicolas Nicolas Aubin Tork Jake Lepoff pho Mike Panza payen Nathaniel Lopez - Invited

Group D

Sentinels Sentinels North America Rank #1 sinatraa Jay Won ShahZaM Shahzeeb Khan SicK Hunter Mims zombs Jared Gitlin dapr Michael Gulino - Invited

Gen.G Gen.G North America Rank #3 PLAYER1 Keven Champagne huynh Danny Huynh MkaeL Michael De Luca gMd Anthony Guimond effys Loic Sauvageau - Invited

MIXUP MIXUP North America Rank #16 aproto Alex Protopapas Hoppin Charles Clapper fiziq Lucas Blow stellar Brenden McGrath thief Brady Dever - Invited

Echo 8 Echo 8 North America Rank #25 AYRIN Jordan He Brando Brandon Parker - Qualifier 2


As always, you can keep up with the schedule and latest matches on our homepage or the T1 x NSG Showdown event hub. We'll be updating match stats (even on non-streamed games) as close to real-time as possible and you'll be able to check overall tournament performance of the players here.