With the LAN finals of First Strike: Korea in only a week's time, Quantum Strikers Quantum Strikers Inactive Efina Kim Nak-yeon (김낙연) TS Yu Tae-seok (유태석) GODLIKE Lee Seo-ha (이서하) exy Park Geun-cheol (박근철) eKo Yeom Wang-ryong (염왕룡) have announced that their full Valorant roster have been acquired by TNL Esports TNL Esports Korea Rank #4 TS Yu Tae-seok (유태석) exy Park Geun-cheol (박근철) Meteor Kim Tae-O (김태오) .

Quantum Strikers
Quantum Strikers의 선수단 및 코칭스텝이 TNL Esports 로 새롭게 출발합니다. 그동안 수고하신 선수단 및 코칭 스텝의 건승을 기원합니다.

We wish best luck for your future! #QSFOREVER

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The move was likely influenced by the "VALORANT Esports Rules and Policies" rulebook released by Riot back in October, alongside the unveiling of First Strike. Both Quantum Strikers and Vision Strikers Vision Strikers Korea Rank #1 Lakia Kim Jong-min (김종민) stax Kim Gu-taek Rb Goo Sang-Min (구상민) k1Ng Lee Seung-won BuZz Yu Byung-chul (유병철) MaKo Kim Myeong Gwan are owned by EdreamWork Korea and were both founded by Can Yang.

While the October 2020 edition of the rulebook does not include specifics regarding concurrent ownership and conflicts of interest, the section does state that further details will be provided in the November 2020 release. Such rules regarding ownership will be enforced by Riot starting February 1, 2021.

TNL Esports will debut in the finals of First Strike: Korea, which were recently announced to be taking place in LoL Park in Seoul. Also competing in Seoul will be T1 Korea T1 Korea Inactive 10X Choi Jin-woo (최진우) R0K3T Kim Ju-yeong (김주영) Esperanza Jeong Jin-choel (정진철) Harry Kim Han-kyu (김한규) Anaks Ye Sang-jun (예상준) , whose parent organization also find themselves in a similar situation, with T1 T1 North America Rank #13 brax Braxton Pierce dawn Anthony Hagopian Skadoodle Tyler Latham autimatic Timothy Ta curry Rahul Nemani also competing in the finals of First Strike: North America. It is unknown if or when T1 will divest their Korean team from the organization.

TNL Esports TNL Esports Korea Rank #4 TS Yu Tae-seok (유태석) exy Park Geun-cheol (박근철) Meteor Kim Tae-O (김태오) are now:

  • Kim "Efina" Nak-yeon (김낙연)
  • Yu "TS" Tae-seok (유태석)
  • Lee "GODLIKE" Seo-ha (이서하)
  • Park "exy" Geun-cheol (박근철)
  • Yeom "eKo" Wang-ryong (염왕룡)
  • Lee "Bail" Sung-jae (이성재) (Head coach)
  • Cho "fAwn" Duck-keun (조덕근) (Assistant coach)