Riot Games has released information regarding the much anticipated VCT team capsules, which contain custom in-game content for each of the partnered teams.

This announcement also confirms that Ascension teams will be included in the capsule distribution. Additionally, 50% of the profits made from the branded capsules will be shared with the partnered teams.

The contents of a team capsule include:

  • A team-branded Classic with unique augmented reality effects, sound effects, and colored muzzle flashes
  • A player card and banner designed by the teams in collaboration with Riot
  • A team-themed spray
  • A team-themed gun buddy

Example capsule contents Example capsule contents.

Capsules for the Americas, Pacific, and EMEA will be available for purchase on February 21st through the in-game esports hub. Capsules for the Chinese League will not be available until sometime in May due to the short amount of development time since the partnered teams were chosen. All capsules will remain available for purchase throughout the duration of the VCT season, and teams crowned at global events will enjoy additional storefront promotions of their products.