VLR.gg's fifth edition of News Almost Missed is here, once again bundling news stories from around the world that didn't find its way into a full article.

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  • In Europe, XSET's Female CS:GO team has recently participated in Birds of Prey: Episode 1 and took second place. They have not been seen in any official CS:GO matches since April. Whether or not they will make the official transition from CS:GO to Valorant is yet to be seen.
  • A rift between the Kaos Latin Gamers players and their sponsor occurred when Constanza "conir" Reyes posted a twitlonger about her situation regarding the roster's upcoming matches in VCT LAS. The highlights of the post include some players being owed a month of pay, Kaos Latin Gamers refusing to assist the team with passport-related expenses (so they can play on LAN in Mexico), and a complication regarding what name the roster would compete under.
  • Sharks Esports Sharks Esports Inactive gaabxx Gabriel Carli prozin Wallacy Sales KILLDREAM João Ferreira Addicted Eduardo Torres are once again travelling to Europe, but this time it's not to face off against international competition on LAN. They will be bootcamping in Serbia for 12 days to prepare for Masters: Berlin, which will be held in just over a month.
  • AG AG Inactive watasink Oleg Salomin Kleimon Alexander Gushin Panic Leonid Pozdnyakov dreAms Adel Smirnov Hunts Said Alamani 's Said "Hunts" Alamani has been suspended from official Valorant tournaments for six months, due to boosting and selling accounts. The player was found guilty of violating Section 7.3.9 of the Global Competition Policy, which concerns itself with unsportsmanlike conduct. Because of his actions, AG have been disqualified from CIS Stage 3: Challengers 2 and end their VCT participation with a technical loss.

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