Shopify Rebellion Shopify Rebellion North America Rank #29 meL Melanie Capone alexis Alexis Guarrasi Noia Nicole Tierce florescent Ava Eugene sarahcat Sarah Simpson , the consensus favorite coming into the tournament, dominated in a 2-0 win over BBL Queens BBL Queens Europe Unranked schnellÆ Ayşe Ergül proxima Aslıhan Uslu Wens Gülce Eda Sürmeli alkyia Azra Erin Felipa Zehra Durak in the upper semifinals of the Game Changers Championship. After losing only three combined rounds against Chao Hui EDward Gaming Chao Hui EDward Gaming China Rank #10 Blue WawaLee XiMiLu Lizhi Yusin Clem , Shopify once again showed their dominance in today's match.

“We prepped really hard and we practiced really hard, so yes we expected this dominance,” said SR star player florescent .

Florescent led the way for Shopify by tallying 37 kills over two maps while posting a 307 average combat score. In her international LAN debut, she has shined with 72 kills across both matches.

An impressive defensive half on Ascent saw Shopify jump out to a 6-2 lead. In the final round of the first half it was the IGL meL who clutched an important 1v1 to give Shopify a 10-2 lead going into their attacking half.

Mel clutches the 1v1.

The attacking side saw more of the same. After a pistol round conversion, Shopify never looked back en route to a 13-3 victory. Despite it being BBL's map pick, they struggled to get things going against the firepower of Shopify.

A well rounded performance from Shopify saw the entire team post a rating above 1.0 led by fluorescent, who posted 18 kills and a rating of 1.74. Mel came through with 18 kills of her own and alexis and sarahcat each contributed 15.

Haven saw much of the same from Shopify Rebellion. After losing the pistol round, they converted the next round to tie the score 1-1, which proved to be the final time the score was tied. Shopify then built a 7-2 lead before BBL was able to convert one of the fastest rounds of the tournament thanks to Vania 's four kills.

After losing the next pistol round, Shopify bounced back to once again win their eco round. A few more rounds would see them finish off BBL with a 13-4 victory behind a 4k from florescent in the final round.

florescent 4k to win match.

Shopify advances to the upper finals to play defending champion G2 Gozen G2 Gozen Europe Rank #41 rezq Eda Naz Akçocuk amy Amy Lai Vania Aleyna Keskin Petra Petra Stoker mimi Michaela Lintrup . BBL will drop to the lower bracket to face Team Liquid Brazil Team Liquid Brazil Brazil Rank #3 Bizerra Vitoria Vieira Joojina Letícia Paiva isaa Isabeli Esser daiki Natalia Vilela bstrdd Paula Naguil .