The final game of day two of the Game Changers Championship saw the winners of day one clash in the upper bracket. Both G2 Gozen G2 Gozen Europe Rank #41 rezq Eda Naz Akçocuk amy Amy Lai Vania Aleyna Keskin Petra Petra Stoker mimi Michaela Lintrup and Team SMG GC Team SMG GC Inactive enerii Odella Abraham Alexy Alexy Francisco shirazi Kelly Jaudian Kamiyu Camille Enriquez found clean 2-0 wins in their opening games.

For SMG, they were excited to face off against the currently reigning champions. Both enerii and Alexy had stated as such, with the latter saying, “Work hard until your idols become your rivals.”

The series started on Bind, a map picked by G2, even though they had a 50% win record this year on the map itself. G2's Carcass said the map was chosen because G2 had had good scrim results against SMG on the map, and also because G2 didn't want to play too many three-site maps against SMG's playstyle.

SMG started on defense, and despite a back-and-forth half, ended it with a slight lead at 7-5. They would extend this further to 9-5 with a pistol round victory. G2 did show some fight with three more rounds, but SMG had the momentum and G2's number by then. SMG won the next four rounds to take their opponent's map pick 13-8.

SMG found a strong win on map one.

Kamiyu was the MVP of the map, with 19 kills and a 228 ACS on the Brimstone. Both her and shirazi on Viper were pivotal in the way SMG controlled and played the map.

Despite the map one loss, G2 Gozen looked indomitable on map two, Split, chosen by SMG. G2 started on defense this time around and gradually built up a decent lead in the first half, closing it out at 8-4 thanks to a 1v4 clutch from roxi . With a pistol and antieco win, G2 then found double digits.

Don't give Roxi a single inch, she doesn't mess around.

SMG however, bounced right back into it. They won seven rounds in a row to take the lead away, 11-10, and the game eventually went to overtime. In OT, G2 Gozen were able to adapt faster, ultimately winning Split 14-12 to push the series to the decider. Roxi was the star for G2 on this map, with her finding several crucial multifrags while also anchoring sites on Cypher. She had a 293 ACS with 28 kills, the highest on the server.

Haven, the final map of play, once again saw G2 Gozen find a strong lead. Starting on defense, with IGL Petra debuting on Jett, G2 Gozen quickly climbed to an 8-4 half. This time around however, there was no comeback from SMG, and G2 found the map and series victory after a dominating 13-4 game with an ace from Petra in the last round.

Petra's debut on Jett was everything G2 needed it to be.

Petra had 25 kills with a +17 kill differential and 382 ACS, the highest in the lobby on Haven. Three of G2's players had a 200+ ACS, while none of SMG's squad had the same. Both Petra and roxi had 23 first kills and a combined kill differential of +33.

With this, team SMG will drop to the lower bracket, and face off against the winners of KRÜ BLAZE KRÜ BLAZE Latin America South Rank #5 kalita Keila Nava conir Constanza Reyes romi Romina Alvarez micaela Micaela Ferreyra and Chao Hui EDward Gaming Chao Hui EDward Gaming China Rank #10 Blue WawaLee XiMiLu Lizhi Yusin Clem . In the upper bracket, G2 Gozen will face off against the winner of Shopify Rebellion GC Shopify Rebellion GC Inactive vs BBL Queens BBL Queens Europe Rank #2 schnellÆ Ayşe Ergül proxima Aslıhan Uslu Wens Gülce Eda Sürmeli alkyia Azra Erin Felipa Zehra Durak the day after.

“We're gonna play our game and focus on what's important for us as a team,” said Glance when asked about G2's expectations for their upcoming game.