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-The roster history segment of this writeup will feature information about the NA Valorant Roster of Immortals, the organization that owns MIBR, since they have been in VALORANT since the very beginning. The org history segment will focus on MIBR but reference Immortals when necessary. If you only want to read about the MIBR roster, scroll down to 2022 in the Roster History section

-MIBR was founded in 2003, but disbanded in 2012. In late 2016, they would reform and would be purchased by Immortals in 2018 as a secondary operating group.
-MIBR currently hosts three rosters, in CSGO, R6 Siege, and VALORANT. Their parent organization, Immortals, also hosts an LCS spot.
-As of now, MIBR and Immortal's revenue/equity are not publicly listed.


-Immortals would enter their first official tournament with the 5 players Asuna, jcstani, KOLER, Genghsta, and bjor.
-The squad would play a slew of tournaments, such as the IMT First Light, T1 x NSG showdown, 100T gamers for equality, Pulse and Pax invitationals, FaZe invitational, and more. However, the roster was seeing medicore results at best, and dropped bjor to bring in Dicey.
-After another poor finish at the pop flash inviitational, Dicey and Asuna would both depart for 100T, and KOLER would leave for NRG. Needed 3 players for the upcoming Renegades Invitational, they would sign jmoh, neptune, and ShoT_UP, and would finish 2nd at the RNG invitational, their highest finish to date. This roster would stick for some time, with the starting lineup being:


-Immortals would claw their way through the first strike UMG qualifier, before exiting the quarter finals of the main event early with a 0-2 loss to Envy, but it earned them their highest placement at a Tier 1 event thus far

-Immortals made further roster moves ahead of the VCT season, bringing in NaturE and Kehmicals, and dropping jmoh and neptune. Immortals would have a fairly strong performance through the first open qualifier, and even beat Sentinels and Envy to win the first open. Due to their high placement, they would earn a spot at Masters
-Ahead of Masters, NaturE announced he was taking some time away from VALORANT, citing personal reasons. Rossy was brought in as a sub. The starting 5 for Immortals would be:


-Unfortunately, the squad would bomb out of masters, losing consecutive matches to 100T and LG.
-Going into Stage 2, Immortals would lose in the first closed qualifier, and then be sent to the lower bracket by NRG in the second closed qualifier, and later eliminated by Sentinels, dashing their hopes of attending Challengers Playoffs and attending an international Lan. After this loss, Rossy was made official and NaturE departed the team.
-Also during the offseason, Kehmicals and jcstani both left the team, replaced by JonahP and truo.
-Embarassingly, Immortals did not qualify for any closed qualifiers in Stage 3 at all, and due to their lack of circuit points, were unable to attend the NA LCQ, effectively ending their VCT season early.
-It was around this time Immortals became a revolving door of roster moves. I'm not going to list all of them, but the important things you need to know is that
-Genghsta and ShoT_UP stayed the entire time
-The squad struggled even in Tier 2 tournaments such as the NSG summer champs where they lost to Cloud9
-They won the community gaming premier series final
-They would lose in qualifiers in the Knights August and September monthlies and the BoomTV proving grounds
-They would play third in the October knights monthly
-They would exit early in the Ro32 Community Gaming elite showdown, the lost match Immortals would play together
-Following this loss, Immortals would withdraw from the NA Valorant scene and would slowly release all their players and find them new homes. They would later re-enter through a game changers roster.

-Immortals now were worked in Brazil under the tag of MIBR. They would sign the 5 of:


-The squad would fail to qualify for the first group stage of Brazil Challengers, and would swap txddy for frz in april.
-In the second qualifier, they would squeak by into the playoffs by narrowly avoiding elimination in the lower bracket
-MIBR would also have to play through the access series to guarantee a spot in groups, which they barely squeaked by in to make it to VCT groups
-In groups they performed relatively well, going 3-1 with only a loss to NIP. In playoffs, they would bomb out immediately 0-2, and due to not having enough circuit points, would end their 2022 VCT season there.
-The squad would play in the non-VCT Gamers Club- Elite cup, and finish in 2nd place to Stars Horizon

-C9: https://www.vlr.gg/148561/cloud9-org-overview
-100T: https://www.vlr.gg/148653/100t-org-overview
-EG: https://www.vlr.gg/148843/eg-org-overview
-SEN: https://www.vlr.gg/148889/sen-org-overview
-NRG: https://www.vlr.gg/149228/nrg-org-ovierview
-LOUD: https://www.vlr.gg/149252/loud-org-overview
-FURIA: https://www.vlr.gg/149494/furia-org-overview
-my twitter: https://twitter.com/RyanG2B


i'm never gonna read that and mibr = L


-The squad struggled even in Tier 2 tournaments such as the NSG summer champs where they lost to Cloud0

Cloud0 should be Cloud9, also great overview!


it's because they have 0 achievements LOL


my iq is like 40, any tl;dr?


Something interesting is that both Immortals and MIBR have Game Changers rosters

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