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  1. Do you get bitches? (Probably not)
  2. What rank are you in valorant and do you deserve your rank?
  3. How many hours do you play games a day?
  4. Do you play games cause you're lonely? (I'm guessing yes)
  5. Your top 5 pros from any sport or esport?
    6.Get in a relationship for s$x or just to have someone beside you?
  6. Change something about the world
  7. Best game ever made
  8. Ever had a crush that you were really close to but you both get separated but when you're reunited after years, you're not close anymore and she dates your brother?
  1. i play valorant

  2. i'm diamond, and i'm comfortable of where i'm at rn

  3. fully depends what day. some days 0, some days a few hours maybe

  4. well, i only really play with friends, take it as you will

  5. this is a difficult question. i don't have a top 5, but some favourites are Sayf, Leo, nAts, Arsenal (RLCS) and Rizzo (ex-RLCS)

  6. just someone

  7. improve the social infrastructure regarding mental health. people shouldn't have to pay just to meet someone to talk to.

  8. minecraft. undeniable. no doubt.

  9. this is oddly specific. are u okay man?

  1. gf is enough
  2. Gold 1, I deserve plat 2
  3. Atleast 4 hours in average
  4. Yes
  5. Lebron James, Yuki ishikawa, Rizzo (Rl), Asuna, Lewis Hamilton
  6. s$x is overrated
  7. Having to work half your life to live a happy life
  8. For honor
  9. Yes, and yes I'm okay, I swear I've forgotten about it

You will pull through it man, I’m sorry that happened to u.


Rizzo (Rl)

based rizzo enjoyer.

also, much love man ❤️

  1. yes
  2. Ascendant 2, ofc
  3. Maybe 3
  4. No, wtf
  5. Too lazy to think
  6. Boaster in Fnatic
  7. COD BO2
  8. Souns like smth that happen to you

1- what is bitches?
2- ascendant 1 but i deserve ascendant 2 i deranked because my teammates trolled 2 games in a row.
3- 2-3
4- mostly yes.
5- zywoo yay s1mple bentet Beaulo
6- none both are time consuming.
6- no borders
7- the witcher series
8- yikes hope all is well


1: sometimes. I still miss her
2: asc. 2, I deserve it but I know I can do better eventually
3: I dunno, a lot. 3? 4?
4: Yes
5:Asuna, Nitr0, grimoire, s1mple, yay are my personal favorites
6: relationship for sex is cringe. There is a reason it’s called a relationship.
7: I wish the events or March 20th, 2022 could be changed in my favor
8: idk I don’t play it anymore but I guess Minecraft is really just that game
9: no, that sounds oddly specific, are you okay?


3 games a day ish
i play because im good not because i enjoy it
messi, vettel, fallen, caps dev1ce
second one
balance out wealth across the world seeing as half the world was deprived for the success of european empires
league but i dont play it
nah stay safe tho

  1. Yes
  2. Ascendent 2
  3. Not more than 4
  4. play for fun mostly
  5. no, I dont really have a top 5
  6. well both haha
  7. free healthcare for everyone itw
  8. GTA SA (the first game I ever played so yeah)
  9. no
  1. nope, cause i play valorant
  2. ascendant 3, i think im deserve immo
  3. in weekday probably 2 - 4 hours, weekend probably more than 15 hours
  4. play with friends who are around my rank, sometimes i smurf :(
  5. hmm, im gonna list my fav, not the best, Rooney, s1mple, f0rsakeN, Sir Alex ferguson, axelsen (badminton)
  6. someone beside me
  7. no racist thing, and freedom for anyone in speech, and whatever they do, as long as its not give bad influence for others around
  8. csgo
  9. hmm not that spesific but, i've had something like this, i've dated this girl and we breakup, and after around 4-5 years, we met again irl, but i felt so distant from her, and her bf is actually my friend, and im cool with it
  1. Yes
  2. plat 2. Idk if i deserve it or not i haven't played in 3-4 months
  3. Play to relax after a long day at work
  4. Asuna, derrek, yay, boaster, FNS
  5. Someone beside me
  6. Equal distribution of wealth.
  7. Red Dead Redemption 2
  8. No
  1. No
  2. Plat 2 and I deserve it
  3. Weekday 1-2 hours, Weekend 3-4 hours
  4. No comment
  5. ScreaM, Jamppi, nAts, Sayf, Laz
  6. Either one works for me
  7. For everyone in the world to be happy and their best selves
  8. CS:GO
  9. No? Are u ok bruv?
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