Another week has come and gone, and with it has come a new batch of headlines from around the world. Here's what you might have missed this past week.

This week's edition covers news from May 14 - May 20.

Roster Changes

Results & Standings

Other News & Rumors

  • According to a report from Max "purest" Katz, Misfits Black Misfits Black Inactive panday Tastyy Carlee Carlee Gress edith Eden Bryce Cutlip Slandy Presley Anderson are looking to make large changes to their roster. Madelynn "Mady" Saye will step down from the active roster to pursue full-time content creation, while Chloe "chloe" Wong will likely be released, leaving the team with two active players. To fill their vacancies, the team will sign florescent , kxtieoh , and Zoe "caydia" Servais. However, florescent will be unable to play in the next Game Changers event due to her age. A substitute for florescent has not been named.
  • Version1 Version1 Inactive are set to bench Alexander "zander" Dituri, according to a report from George Geddes. The team is in search of new candidates to replace their in-game leader, but no candidates were named as potential replacements.