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loud will win

posted 2 months ago

join group 20eefb74 my pickem i think 10/10

posted 3 months ago

russz is the one of best ace's player
Let me leave a few clips from Turkish piawyers.


posted 3 months ago

235773c3 group code join the group here let's compare our scores

posted 3 months ago

revengfire has been revived best english

posted 3 months ago

i think cyderx transfer is positive what's your opinion?

posted 4 months ago

The vengeance fire in my heart blazed enough to be reborn from its ashes BBL 2-1 Liquid

posted 6 months ago

vengeance is so near hell burns insade of me

posted 6 months ago


posted 10 months ago

İki Takıma Da Başarılar 2 0 BBL WİN

posted about a year ago