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Seven, dcop, javierhh, solution, charlslol, aztkk, betrayern, pandjalea, peloncito

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4 duelistas??

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fusion was the third team in latam, after kru and leviathan, i thought that with the changes it would be a very strong team capable of ascending but after the preseason and their match against six karma they disappointed me, i'm sad, my latam region north will never have a franchise team :(

posted 2 weeks ago

its a latam team

posted 1 month ago

if that counts, the previous acts also count, and in all acts jow has 32.8% in 61k kills, and clear has 30.9% in 48k kills, he would still win jow, and in the last 20 games jow has 52% hs and clear has 47.6% so the winner is jow

posted 2 months ago

but he has only 120 matches, jow has 246 matches.The more games you have the more difficult it is to have such a high headshot percentage, if clear had the same game time as jow he would have less percentage therefore jow wins

posted 2 months ago

yes, he joined 6k, im excited for know the new 6k roster

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Platinum 2
24.4% HS
40% HS Vandal

When i was silver 2 i had
21% HS
34% HS Vandal

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its the same language but I think they would choose other options before because they think everyone in the north is bad

posted 5 months ago

daveeys and feniz are very good, but i don't think kru or leviathan will sign them because they are from the south

posted 5 months ago

he was the bottomfrager but didnt play bad

posted 7 months ago

Pero los de fusión tuvieron que jugar con otro jugador porque jow no pudo ir, quizá les hubiera ido mejor

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