How does the Tier 2 works?

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Okay, I need a clear link or description of how a team qualifies from the tier 2 to tier 1. Like all the tournaments they have to play and allat. I am a bit confused since it's not very organised making it hard to understand.


There's a few tournaments that a team needs to go through to get from Tier 2 to 1

Open Qualifiers: Several teams, originally from signup but will be taken from the Invite division of Premier going forward, go into a double-elim bracket in one of 8 different groups to qualify for the first Challengers Split.

Challengers Split 1: The top 8 teams from OQ will first fight in a regular season. This is either done through round robin (each team plays against one another) or group stages (same concept, except with two separate groups). The top 6-ish teams from the regular season qualify for playoffs, as well as a direct spot to Split 2, while the bottom two get put into relegation. Winning this split is only really necessary if Ascension qualification is dependent on points, which some regions do.

Promotion/Relegation: A second OQ is ran where the top two teams from the qualifiers face off against the bottom two teams from the first split. The top two here qualify for Split 2.

Challengers Split 2: Same format as Split 1, except the winner of this split gets the Ascension slot for their region (Assuming the region doesn't do a point system)

If a team does a point system, the team with the most points after Split 2 gets the Ascension slot.

Ascension: The final Tier 2 tournament. The winners of each region fight for the franchise slot, first through group stages, and then in playoffs. The winner gets to play in Tier 1.


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