Team Liquid Brazil Team Liquid Brazil Brazil Rank #23 Bizerra Vitoria Vieira Joojina Letícia Paiva isaa Isabeli Esser daiki Natalia Vilela bstrdd Paula Naguil beat G2 Gozen G2 Gozen Europe Rank #41 rezq Eda Naz Akçocuk amy Amy Lai Vania Aleyna Keskin Petra Petra Stoker mimi Michaela Lintrup 2-0, earning a spot in the grand final. Having defeated the defending champions, their next match, against Shopify Rebellion Shopify Rebellion North America Rank #29 meL Melanie Capone alexis Alexis Guarrasi Noia Nicole Tierce florescent Ava Eugene sarahcat Sarah Simpson , will crown a new Game Changers Champion.

The third time the teams have played each other, G2 won both previous games 2-0. Their previous encounter, the tournament's opening match, saw Liquid go to the lower bracket following the loss.

The beginning of the match promised a back-and-forth, with the first half of Ascent ending 6-6. The tables we quickly turned, however, as Liquid showed why they had selected the map. The Brazilian team went 9-1 on first kills in the second half, while Petra , G2's entry fragger, died first 5 times.

Once Team Liquid reached match point, a crucial double-kill from sarah let G2 string together a few rounds, but it was too little, too late.

sarah's “TikTok Omen” play swings the round in G2's favor

The next map, Lotus, proved even more one-sided. Both sides went into G2's pick with aggression on their mind. It only worked out for Liquid, however, who successfully shut down G2's pincer plays and early map control. The momentum slowed down beginning the next half, as G2 picked up their first pistol round of the series. A 1v2 clutch from Joojina swung the pendulum back, allowing Liquid to close out the series with four consecutive round wins.

Joojina caps off a 4k with an impossible clutch

Once again, a Brazilian team features in the grand final of a São Paulo event, with LOUD LOUD Brazil Rank #1 Quick Gabriel Lima saadhak Matias Delipetro Less Felipe de Loyola tuyz Arthur Andrade cauanzin Cauan Pereira placing second earlier this year at LOCK//IN. It is also Team Liquid's first appearance at an international grand final, surpassing last year's Game Changers Championship third-place finish.

“We don't expect anything out of the ordinary from them,” Bizerra said about their match against Shopify.