Pants Down have signed ex-Mystery Inc star player rDeeW as the team’s fifth player, filling the shoes of Twizz who left due to expanding real-life work opportunities.

Pants Down
introducing the newest addition to our @PlayVALORANT roster


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rDeeW is a former CS:GO player, who despite not having played on a team, was well-known nonetheless and often seen in a stack with Pants Down player magnetbrain . After Valorant's release, he was persuaded to compete in events such as the Oceanic Valorant Open and eventually found his way onto Mystery Inc. had the chance to talk to Pants Down’s current head coach Crash and ask him a few questions regarding the pickup:

Why did the team decide that rDeeW was the player for the position?

rDeeW is someone that we just knew would be a great fit for us after trailing him, he brings a lot of energy to the team which compliments the rest of the squad really nicely.

Do you feel that the pickup will help the team progress further in a positive direction?

I think the pickup is exactly what we needed going forward. He adds a lot of firepower to the team that we need to be able to contest with the top dogs of the scene and he also adds a lot of flair to the roster. He isn't afraid to go for those big plays and he has the ability to do so. I can confidently say that he was the missing piece that we needed to fill the huge gap that Twizz left to move into the remainder of the year with.

Pants Down made it to the first round of playoffs during Order's Oceanic Valorant Open and have most recently qualified as participants in Fortress Melbourne's Rise of Valor Play-Ins stage. The team has yet to sign with an organisation and are continuing to prove themselves as among the best talent Australian Valorant has to offer.

Pants Down is now: