After two opens and one closed qualifier, Valorant Challengers League Brazil's team list is complete. Among the eight squads stand notable names such as Keyd Stars Keyd Stars Inactive and Gamelanders Blue Gamelanders Blue Inactive .

Four of the teams in VCL Brazil were directly invited by Riot Brazil. Gamelanders Blue, Keyd Stars, Liberty Liberty Inactive guuih Guilherme Mariano pepa Matheus Colleto duhT Eduardo Teixeira Zanatsu Carlos Eduardo tockers Gabriel Claumann , and TBK Esports TBK Esports Brazil Rank #13 RND Ronaldo Kanashiro prince Lorran S. Ferreira prozin Wallacy Sales deNaro Matheus Hipólito Brinks all got to skip the qualifying stages, owing to their performance in VCT Brazil during 2022. The four remaining slots were left open for qualified teams.

Neither open qualifier brackets produced surprising results, besides the elimination of Brazil mainstays Rise Gaming Rise Gaming Inactive luqz Lucas Dias Tak1 Vitor Tak Luskka Lucas Rentechen in both qualifier's final game and RED Canids RED Canids Brazil Rank #11 Zanatsu Carlos Eduardo cortezia Gabriel Cortez v1nny Vínicius Gonçalves CTC Caio Torres gaabxx Gabriel Carli 's elimination at the hands of 100Jobs 100Jobs Inactive Fatmarino Matheus Marino . Each qualifier placed eight teams in the closed qualifier, which was played in a double-elimination bracket with no upper finals or lower semifinals.

ODDIK ODDIK Inactive and The Union The Union Inactive Askia GuhRVN Gustavo Ferreira pancc Fillipe Martins ntk Lucas Martins raafa Rafael Lima ravaged the upper bracket, with the former dropping just one map throughout to REiGN REiGN Inactive Siduzord Renan Siduoski Tooug ind1n rajadaJJ Champzera Joaquim Alves in the qualifying Bo5 match. The Union lost two maps overall, both in the qualifying match against TropiCaos TropiCaos Inactive Fatmarino Matheus Marino mNdS Rafael Mendes xenom Eduardo Soeiro cortezia Gabriel Cortez v1nny Vínicius Gonçalves .

TropiCaos then dropped to the final match of the lower bracket, also a Bo5, where they swept 100Jobs. Acadêmicos do Tucuruvi Acadêmicos do Tucuruvi Inactive gaabxx Gabriel Carli CTC Caio Torres gtn Gustavo Moura Leozin Leonardo Quindeler RND Ronaldo Kanashiro , who had been earlier relegated by TropiCaos to the lower bracket, ended up losing just one map to Tuzzy E-Sports Tuzzy E-Sports Inactive lz Luiz Reche Zap Brenno Roberto vhz Vinicius Santana rhz Igor Aran pryze Luis-Henrique Viveiros on their way to qualifying for Brazil's VCL.

VCL Brazil will begin on January 18 and 19, the days of its first matchweek. The full calendar can be found here. The regular season will be played in a Bo3 single round-robin format. The six best teams will move on to a seeded double-elimination bracket to decide a national champion.

At the end of both splits of competition, the teams with the most accumulated points will be selected to participate in Challengers Ascension, which will provide a direct path for VCT Americas.

The full team list for VCL Brazil is: