The Oklahoma-based organization Equinox Esports Equinox Esports Inactive have released their Valorant roster in its entirety. The first to announce their free agency was Ian "tex" Botsch, who Equinox signed in late January, followed by former China Nguyen players Kevin "mina" Nguyen and David "DXN" Nguyen four hours later.

The following day, Jake "Paincakes" Hass announced that they had parted with the organization, with Equinox releasing a statement two hours following. In their statement, Equinox stated that they had parted ways with their Valorant roster. While the organization stated they still intend to compete in the scene, they intend to shift their focus in esports.

The organization's other operations include a Super Smash Brothers Ultimate circuit in Oklahoma City as well as an accompanying podcast for said event series.

Equinox originally signed the unsponsored roster known as China Nguyen China Nguyen Inactive mina Kevin Nguyen Paincakes Jake Hass Dcop Carlo Delsol DXN David Nguyen cutefatboy Danny Nguyen in October of 2020, riding on the coattails of China Nguyen's dominant streak, which included first place finishes in the NSG September Monthly and the 30Bomb Invitational Series #2.

While the signing, which was meant to launch the roster into the Tier 1 scene, received considerable press and attention, the team's outlook became considerably gloomier as the roster returned to competition under the Equinox name.

After being eliminated from both First Strike Closed Qualifiers 0-2, the organization made their first major move, swapping Carlo "Dcop" Delsol for tex, whose signing brought considerable improvement to the team's firepower.

Two fourth-place finishes in two back-to-back NSG events seemed to bring hope for the roster's revitalization, but two Round-of-32 losses and one Round-of-16 elimination locked out Equinox of making the main event of any Challengers in Stage 1.

Equinox Esports Equinox Esports Inactive were: