AI does it again: CONVERGENCE

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Group A

Team Record Map Round Diff
VITALITY 2-0 4-0 48-24 +24
GLOBAL ESPORTS 1-1 2-2 32-32 0
FURIA 0-2 0-4 24-48 -24

Group B

Team Record Map Round Diff
FUT 2-0 4-1 51-35 +16
GEN G 1-1 2-3 38-42 -4
TRUE RIPPERS 0-2 1-4 35-51 -16

For the final, I think the match will be between VITALITY and FUT, the winners of each group. I think the final will be a close and exciting match, with both teams showing their best skills and strategies. However, I think VITALITY will have a slight edge over FUT, due to their experience, consistency, and adaptability. I think the final score will be 3-2 in favor of VITALITY, making them the champions of Convergence 2023.


No way GE packs furia

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