(allat) malding and crying

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so guys wanna hear about my immortal rank up match? of course you do!
I was playing astra, i dropped 30. My neon dropped 30 kills as well! Thats kind of crazy, no? Surely we win the game! Sixty kills between our astra and neon.
We lose 12-14!!
My other three teammates did not get more than 15 kills and were all negative
They used their mics and had decent util and stuff so like im not mad at THEM at all, but im 100% mad at the game itself for giving them to me

Mfw its my immo rank up match and i get a dia3 on my team for some reason? and the other team gets an immortal cypher (aka nerd ass bitch, fuck you cypher) instead of a d3 raze?

im just malding man, literally nothing i could have done, the amt of times i watched my team lose a 2v1 or a 3v1 or something was just hurtful
to my soul
genuinely not my fault dudeee the game just fuckin sabotaged me man

that is all. no more crying from me.


at least your pockets ain’t gon hurt (cry is free)



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