Team Liquid open Group B of the AfreecaTV Valorant League with a 2-0 victory over Fancy United Esports Fancy United Esports Asia-Pacific Rank #8 YESicaN Đinh Đình Đạt Kishi Ngô Trường Huy Crus Lư Tiến Huy f1cio Hoàng Ngọc Sơn gin Phan Văn Gin . They will next play T1 T1 Korea Rank #2 Sayaplayer Ha Jeong-woo (하정우) Rossy Daniel Abedrabbo Carpe Lee Jae-hyeok (이재혁) iZu Ham Woo-ju (함우주) xccurate Kevin Susanto to determine who advances to playoffs.

The match started on Liquid's map pick, Lotus. A retake-heavy defense set them on the path to victory, securing the map 13-5. The following map, Split, appeared to be a closer affair, but Fancy's individual highlights were not enough to stop the bleed. Liquid ultimately took the map 13-6.

Now, Fancy United faces elimination, while Liquid need one more win to make playoffs.

Both teams were facing roster changes. It has been just over a month since Team Liquid picked up the former Apeks core, while Fancy is playing with two stand-ins, Vera and coach Kawa .

The match opened on Lotus, selected by Team Liquid. They scored 9-3 on their defense, highlighted by Keiko 's operator play, which went largely unopposed. Mistic was also crucial, netting 14 eliminations and 3 assists on Omen.

Keiko finds four with Raze.

This continued into the second half, as Keiko spearheaded their attack with 9 kills in 6 rounds. Ultimately, Liquid would take the map 13-5.

Split began in a much closer manner, with the Vietnamese team managing to tie the scoreline at 4-4 and force Liquid to take their first timeout. Vera and YESicaN essentially won two rounds each in the first half. Unfortunately for them, Liquid would turn the score in their favor, only dropping two rounds in the remainder of the match.

Vera outshines Mistic's triple kill.

One of the more astounding statlines of the map was the difference between the lurkers. Once Liquid identified Suka 's style, he was completely shut down. On offense he gave away three first deaths while getting only three eliminations, for a rating of 0.23. Meanwhile, in seven attack rounds, nAts had a 13-1 KD and a 2.64 rating, as well as an ace on the final round.

When asked about his opinion on the recent Cypher changes, nAts teased a return to his signature agent. “We'll definitely see me, somewhere on the Cypher,” he said in the post-match interview.