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It's 2025. Jett can now only dash 5 feet. Her dash activates 3 seconds later and remains active till 3 seconds. Does not recharge on kills. Smokes 2>>1. Jett can no longer float. Ult 12 points. Jett can't jump after updraft.
Yoru now has 2 clones that recharge after 30 seconds and he can control their movement remotely. 3 flashes that last for 5.5 seconds. Guns get cocked before coming out of ult. Gatecrash now moves as fast as neon.
Jett pickrate : 38.2%
Yoru pcikrate : 36.1%


deadlock's gravnet cannot be removed and lasts 20 seconds
her sensor provides exact location of enemy
barrier is now 5000 health and infinitly tall
and her ult cost one point, meaning it recharges every kill :)

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