Best VCT matches of 1st week - [AMERICAS]

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  1. Leviatan vs. NRG
    • Nothing to say, just two monsters playing against each other, this is not only the best match of the week, it is also one of the best matches in the entire VCT Americas League and this match is very important to see who is going to win the regular season.
  2. Sentinels vs. 100 thieves
    • A Sentinels who play against the LOCK//IN winners, Fnatic, in their first match of the tournament. Anyways, they didn't look too bad and if they fix some comms mistakes we saw in their match against Fnatic, they could be a contender for top 4 in the league.
    • 100Thieves, one of the best NA teams of all time. They did well in LOCK//IN and this match is going to be closer than yall think.
  3. KRÜ vs. FURIA
    • KRÜ, a team that is coming from an unlucky match against NAVI in LOCK//IN, a KRÜ that, now with Keznit, the return of Klaus to the main roster and the discipline and energy they always have, can destroy any opponent that stand in front of them
    • Furia, they looked amazing in LOCK//IN playing against T1, and they did well against Fnatic, they can easily be on top of the Americas league. In addition, this match will be a classic LATAM vs. BRAZIL, it may not be the most skilled game, but it will be the one with the greatest show

W but EG vs Cloud9 can also be there instead of KRU vs Furia



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