Renegades Renegades North America Rank #18 cp2 Chuck Proud randyySavage Devon Bréard Winsum Ryan Johns Berghy Stephen Bergh RetrQ Alex Kadan have announced the departure of James " Nurfed " McFadden from the team's Valorant roster.


The Renegades organization would like to thank James "Nurfed" McFadden for his work during his time with our team.

We wish him well in his future Valorant career and beyond.

The former professional CS:GO player was on the original Big Frames Big Frames Inactive roster, who were signed in whole by the North American organization in mid-July. Before moving to competitive Valorant, Nurfed previously played in ESEA's MDL division for teams such as Excelerate Gaming and the aforementioned Big Frames.

Renegades' performance has been mixed, with group stage exits in the PAX Arena Invitational and the FaZe Clan Invitational, along with an early exit in the 30Bomb Summer Cup playoffs to Complexity.

The team's official fifth player remains unknown, however the team will compete in the Pittsburgh Knights Gauntlet Series with Alex " RetrQ " Kadan as their fifth player.

The Renegades are now: