thoughts on EMEA LCQ teams

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OGLDN - didnt make any changes. team is really good but not enough so 5-6th place is their maximum

G2 - didnt make any changes. tbh I don't expect anything from them. 4th place max

BBL - -paura +cyder. Bad move actually. i know paura was bad but cyder? really? he is not good at all. smb was shit when he was igl and his stats is garbage aswell so 7-8th guaranteed on that one

Acend - -zeek +l1nk. 50/50 roster move. I don't think the roster will get stronger or weaker after that. they are still a solid team but 3rd place max.

Liquid - -l1nk +dimasick. Dima is better than l1nk individually, but the main problem is still not solved. they dont have an IGL. tbf there is not good igls available right now, so maybe its not a bad move. Anyway this 5 players is enough to be top 2-3

M3C - -d3ffo +jady. Definitely the best roster move here. Lets be honest, d3ffo was bad last 2 seasons. And since chronicle is comfortable to play duelist, jady is insanely good pickup for them. Also dont forget that they were closest to qualifying for Copenhagen. These guys are the biggest favourites here imo.

NaVi - didnt make any changes. The real dark horse. Last season was pretty strong from them. All games were so close and they kinda threw against bbl and liquid. And it was at the time when they were relocating to another country. So this time they should be even stronger. 4th place minimum.

Guild - didnt make any changes. These guys are insane and they proved it at CPH. But the thing is everyone have a ton of vods of them playing. And they dont have enough time to change all stuff. And dont forget about Russ who had like maybe 5 impactful rounds of all games at cph. Good team but time is not on their side. 3rd maximum.


if guild brought zeek for russ then they'd actually become a champions contender.

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