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We had some bracket changes and issues so we changed the bracket which messed up pickems. Apologies.

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u don't sleep do you?

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idk why but LB1 and LB2 are flipped from the TO's release bracket so. Its correct

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(Yes, LB1 and LB2 are both flipped which allows for rematches. Not sure why the bracket is like this, it just is)

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T1 has confirmed that they will continue to compete in NA and not move to korea

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After this article was written, T1 confirmed that they will continue to compete in North America and will NOT move back to Korea.

T1 has just announced the transfer of Rahul “curry” Nemani to Cloud9 and picked up Son “xeta” Seon-ho and Yoon “Autumn” Eu-ddeum from Cloud9.

xeta announcment

Autumn announcement

curry announcement

These pickups come after rumours of T1 parting ways with their North American roster and moving back to Korea to compete began.

xeta and Autumn have been with Cloud9 since the Cloud9 Korea roster. During their time on Cloud9 Korea they were known as a top team in the region placing top 4 at a multitude of events like the Huya Summer Festival, Clan Battle A2 and a close loss to Vision Strikers at First Strike: Korea. After this loss xeta and Autumn were moved to North America to compete with the main Cloud9 roster. During their time on the main roster, Cloud9 was able to find success at events like NSG Summer Championship, Knights VALORAMPAGE and the North American LCQ. With their win at LCQ, it qualified the team for VCT Champions, where they took a top 8 finish to end their 2021 season. They looked to replicate the same success in the first stage of NA VCT but fell short to eventual NA representatives OpTic Gaming and The Guard.

T1 and curry on the other team were not able to find any success in 2021 or early 2022 placing top 8 at NA stage 1 and 2 Challengers in 2021 and top 24 at NA Stage 1 Challengers in 2022. Their only notable win as a team is winning the NSG Summer — Open 2 over Knights Academy.

With these trades T1 are looking toward the next year of VCT Competition, The newly formed Cloud9 roster will look forward to their next match in the group stage against OpTic on Sunday, May 22nd at 4:00 pm EDT.

T1’s roster is currently:

  • Joshua “steel” Nissan
  • Zander “thwifo” Kim
  • Son “xeta” Seon-ho (손선호)
  • Josh “pwny” VanGorder
  • Yoon “Autumn” Eu-ddeum (윤으뜸) (Head coach)
  • Dakota “Stunner” MacLeod (Assistant coach)

In addition, the new Cloud9 roster is:

  • Anthony “vanity” Malaspina
  • Rahul “curry” Nemani
  • Erick “Xeppaa” Bach
  • Nathan “leaf” Orf
  • Mitch “mitch” Semago
  • James “JamezIRL” Macaulay (Coach)
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No clue as of now. Maybe more into the future. Gambit most liekly waiting out this conflict as there are no open EU orgs entering. If an org was to enter it could be the likes of ENCE, Heroic, maybe forze returns.

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  1. That’s a lie, we attempt to mod as much as we can but some things fall through our vision (like that thread about ban).

  2. Not weird.

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W sources, am i right?

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Sources have lied...

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I also wrote one on how good ur mom was so

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Twitter Link:

OpTic has signed Jovanni “Jovi” Vera as their analyst ahead of North America's second VCT group stage.

Announcement Tweet

Jovi joins the team shortly after assisting them obtain the title of VCT Masters Reykjavik champions just weeks ago. It was announced before Masters that Jovi would help the team from abroad while Head Coach Chet “Chet” Singh travelled with the team to Iceland.

This won’t be his first time being an analyst with an organization as before assisting OpTic, Jovi was an analyst, then Head Coach for 100 Thieves. During his time there, he helped the team win VCT NA First Strike and receive a top-four finish at 2021’s Master’s Berlin alongside ex-head coach Hector “FrosT” Rosario. Jovi was eventually replaced during a coaching overhaul by the organization where they brought aboard Michael “Mikes” Hockom as Assistant Coach, Sean “seangares” Gares as Head Coach and Daniel “ddk” Kapadia as the team's manager.

Jovi and OpTic now look toward the VCT NA group stage wherein Group B they will face FaZe Clan, Cloud9, Sentinels, Evil Geniuses and Luminosity Gaming. They look to end atop of their group to qualify for the playoffs for a chance to qualify to Masters 2.

Their first match is on Saturday, May 14th at 4:00 pm EST against FaZe Clan.

OpTic is now:

  • Victor “Victor” Wong
  • Pujan “FNS” Mehta
  • Austin “crashies” Roberts
  • Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker
  • Jimmy “Marved” Nguyen
  • Chet “Chet” Singh (Head Coach)
  • Jovanni “Jovi” Vera (Analyst)
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As always follow on medium/Twitter for more, Likes + RTs appreciated

TENSTAR has announced their new roster just days ahead of the competition of stage two — VRL East: Surge.

TENSTAR recently competed in VRL Polaris — Stage One finishing as a runner-up at the event to EXCEL. After VRL Polaris, the TENSTAR roster was acquired by MAD Lions who entered into VALORANT in late April of this year. With TENSTAR being a large named organization with no roster, they decided to build from the ground up and compete in the new VRL East split taking the recently disbanded AWARIA rosters spot at the event.

The new all-polish roster includes members from various professional teams, recruiting Piotr “YouBreak” Chodoła and Wojciech “Stix” Chamielec from AWARIA, Michał “Buld” Sokal from NOM Esports, Jakub “maniek” Mańkowski from VRL East stage 1 winner Anonymo Mentos, Head Coach Kamil “krytyq” Dudek from Team Queso and a tier two prospect in Kacper “kacpi” Wolski.

The new TENSTAR is set to debut on Wednesday, May 11th at 12 pm EST against Enterprise Esports.

The new TENSTAR roster will be:

  • Piotr “YouBreak” Chodoła
  • Wojciech “Stix” Chamielec
  • Michał “Buld” Sokal
  • Jakub “maniek” Mańkowski
  • Kacper “kacpi” Wolski
  • Kamil “krytyq” Dudek (Head Coach)
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There will be, uploading soon! As soon as the double elim bracket is seeded, the pickems will go live

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Latin American organization FUSION have signed ex-TSM Academy player Carlo “Dcop” Delsol, confirming an earlier report.

Dcop has had his fair share of teams since he entered VALORANT in July of 2020 spending time on rosters like China Nguyen, Equinox Esports, ez5 and most recently TSM Academy. While on TSM academy, the team found success with podium finishes in NSG Winter — Open 4, 6 and 10 aswell as victories in the Knights Monthly: September and NSG Winter — Open 13. While TSM Academy found success in the tier 2 scene, they could not compete in VCT events as they were an academy team which limited the team's growth.

With Dcop’s departure from TSM Academy, he will transition to the Latin American scene where he will be able to compete in LATAM’s VCT events as he is no longer tied to an academy roster. FUSION competed in the first stage of LATAM VCT, securing a fourth-place finish at the event, rewarding them with 50 Circuit Points which may lead to a spot at VALORANT Champions at the year-end.

FUSION will play in the second stage of LATAM VCT at some point in May, with the dates having yet to be announced.

The FUSION roster is currently:

  • Luis “Wyz” Hernandez
  • Alexander “xander” Lopez
  • Carlo “Dcop” Delsol
  • Emiliano “solution” Peralta
  • Fabian “AztKk” Iglesias (Substitute)
  • Daniel “Danielesflo” Sánchez (Substitute)
  • Andres “HellFull” Vallejo (Substitute)
  • Nicolás “Near” Gonzalez (Head Coach)
  • Rustic0(Assistant Coach)
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I believe they get paid a small amount per article. Not too sure the price or anything.

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You don’t think i’ve done that??… I also admin for the site aswell, it’s not as easy as email and in.

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its not that easy....

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well.... its for both LMAO. Would love to do this for a living but also love doing it.

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Trying to make a name for myself, gotta do what I gotta do.

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KOI has released their duelist player Joona “H1ber” Parviainen from their roster.

H1ber joined KOI in early January as the organization entered VALORANT. Alongside the core of UCAM Toikers in Ladislav “Sacake” Sachr, Oskar “PHYRN” Palmqvist and Gabriel “Shrew” Gessle aswell as Gabriel “starkk” Marques from SAW, H1ber and Co. took on the EU VCT Stage 1 Qualifiers. The team showed promise for a newly formed team but was eliminated top 8 in qualifier one and the top 32 in the second qualifier.

After not qualifying for the Closed qualifier or the EMEA challengers event, KOI was invited to participate in the first stage of VRL Spain: Rising. The team ended the regular season with a record of 6–3, taking a second-place finish. This finish qualified them for the playoffs where they would have a chance to play in the VCT Promotion tournament. KOI would end the stage with a top 4 finish at the event, being eliminated to the eventual winners of Rebels Gaming at a 2–3 scoreline.

With their elimination, KOI’s first season of VCT had come to a close. But not for H1ber as he was called upon to play for Fnatic in place of Nikita “Derke” Sirmitev at Masters Reykjavik. His substitution was due to Derke’s positive COVID-19 test which made him unable to play in the group stage of the event. Fnatic suffered a 0–2 loss to Ninjas in Pyjamas, then ZETA Division which in turn, eliminated them from the event.

Looking towards the next season of VCT, H1ber is set to join Team Vitality alongside Santeri “BONECOLD” Sassi, Kamil “baddyG” Graniczka, Nathan “nataNk” Bocqueho as earlier reported by Jakub “frs” Czapran of THESPIKE.GG and Dexerto.

KOI’s current roster is:

  • Ladislav “Sacake” Sachr
  • Gabriel “starkk” Marques
  • Oskar “PHYRN” Palmqvist
  • Gabriel “Shrew” Gessle
  • ThoR(Substitute)
  • Antonio “Aska” Lozano (Head coach)
  • Sergio “sikako” Rodriguez (Assistant coach)
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apologies, didnt see it.

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We don't update till it's confirmed which streams will stream what matches.

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ratio + modCheck + dont ask "who event read this" under reports

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Posting Valorant News and more on medium/Twitter :)

Jay “Sinatraa” Won has announced that he is looking to return to competitive VALORANT after a year on Sentinels bench.

Sinatraa was moved to the bench in March of 2021 following his suspension due to sexual abuse allegations from his ex-girlfriend Cleo Hernandez. In May of the same year, sinatraa was faced with a 6-month suspension by Riot from the date of his original suspension. This was due to sinatraa not cooperating with the active investigation, therefore, violating of Rule 8.1 of the Valorant Global Competition Policy

Rule 8.1
The Tournament Operator will have the right to monitor compliance with this Global Policy and the applicable Event-Specific Rules and investigate possible breaches. By agreeing to this Global Policy, each Team Member agrees to cooperate with the Tournament Operator in any internal or external investigation that the Tournament Operator conducts relating to a suspected violation of this Global Policy, the applicable Event-Specific Rules or applicable law. Team Members have a duty to tell the truth in connection with any investigation conducted by or for the Tournament Operator and have a further duty not to obstruct any such investigation, mislead investigators or withhold evidence.

After this suspension concluded in September of 2021, sinatraa remained as a streamer for the remainder of the year and into the early months of 2022.
As sinatraa eyes his return to professional play, he was asked by a fan on Twitter as to which team he would be aiming to compete with ahead of stage two NA VCT. Sinatraa responded that his first choice would be to return to the Sentinels roster and play alongside his former teammates.

This raises the question, could sentinels be making a roster change?, could sinatraa play alongside star duelist Tyson “TenZ’ Ngo or is sinatraa going to a team's roster rebuild?

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makes sense for DRX tho. I expect his contract will be up soon and he will just sign with On Sya2ers as they didn't wanna pay a ridiculous buyout.

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@wrap come get ur players

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