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he is subbing for only lcq anyways I'm pretty sure

posted 1 month ago

lol lcq baby

posted 2 months ago

Valorant teams play good or bad on a dime but by judging how the guard has played vs t2/t3 I say Sen wins 2-1

posted 2 months ago

Recently I saw you tweeted a copypasta about C9 trolling in scrims, and came to know that you stole it from the temple of copypastas vlr.gg. How could you post a copypasta without even crediting the vlr user. We spend hours a day making one copypasta and out of 100, one works out. And you blatantly stole that without even crediting us.Very disrespectful. No longer supporting this copypasta stealer. Will move on to someone who respects our hard work and credits us!

posted 6 months ago

i think it was the producer, not the casters btw

posted 7 months ago

jonji left csgo just to lose to a team called Spongebob. what an idiot

posted 10 months ago

v1 does not play anyone mid. Like no one, they got flanked every fucking round

posted 10 months ago

One day zellsis will have a team that gets 10 kills in 24 rounds

posted 10 months ago