Sinatraa Leans Towards A Return to Competitive Play

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Jay “Sinatraa” Won has announced that he is looking to return to competitive VALORANT after a year on Sentinels bench.


Sinatraa was moved to the bench in March of 2021 following his suspension due to sexual abuse allegations from his ex-girlfriend Cleo Hernandez. In May of the same year, sinatraa was faced with a 6-month suspension by Riot from the date of his original suspension. This was due to sinatraa not cooperating with the active investigation, therefore, violating of Rule 8.1 of the Valorant Global Competition Policy

Rule 8.1
The Tournament Operator will have the right to monitor compliance with this Global Policy and the applicable Event-Specific Rules and investigate possible breaches. By agreeing to this Global Policy, each Team Member agrees to cooperate with the Tournament Operator in any internal or external investigation that the Tournament Operator conducts relating to a suspected violation of this Global Policy, the applicable Event-Specific Rules or applicable law. Team Members have a duty to tell the truth in connection with any investigation conducted by or for the Tournament Operator and have a further duty not to obstruct any such investigation, mislead investigators or withhold evidence.

After this suspension concluded in September of 2021, sinatraa remained as a streamer for the remainder of the year and into the early months of 2022.
As sinatraa eyes his return to professional play, he was asked by a fan on Twitter as to which team he would be aiming to compete with ahead of stage two NA VCT. Sinatraa responded that his first choice would be to return to the Sentinels roster and play alongside his former teammates.


This raises the question, could sentinels be making a roster change?, could sinatraa play alongside star duelist Tyson “TenZ’ Ngo or is sinatraa going to a team's roster rebuild?







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